February 5, 2005

My First Coffee Maker

my_first_coffee_maker.jpgBecause nothing goes together better than small children and caffeine, Discovery Toys offers Pour Some More (or is that Pour Some More!!), a realistic toy coffee maker for children aged "from 4 years Primary School." At least I think it's a coffee maker; except for chirping that it's "Such fun to imitate Mom and Dad!" the toy's description carefully avoids any mention of what it might actually be or do.

Maybe that's because it's really an educational tool. Besides the obvious career training opportunity it represents (base-level skills for, if not Starbucks, at least 7-11 or a gas station somewhere), Pour Some More helps improve "Social & Emotional, [and] Fine Motor," child development-speak for "I can't get through the day without a couple dozen venti mocacchinos."

Watch for the companion book, It's Just A Cup, One Lousy Cup!.

Buy a Pour Some More at Discovery Toys, for $24.99 US, $34.99 CN [discoverytoys.com, via DT reader Ponch]
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This is perfect for young Norwegians!!

And, it familiarizes them with the machine I intend them to use to make my own morning brew, but without the unecessary scalding involved in using a real machine!
Great buy!!!

Wow! Now if only they had a kiddie keg-o-rator with working nitrogen formula tap to provide that real Guinness look, we could expose our kids to some more vices at an early age. I mean, already bought the kiddie crack pipe that blows bubbles for my little boy. That's just being a good role model, right?

Growing up we had all kinds of little kitchen toys to make us feel that we were like Mommy and Daddy and a toy Coffee Percolator to make our pretend coffee. Now only if they would bring back Candy Cigarettes, the kids could enjoy pretend Coffee and Cigarettes because as we know they go so well together.

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