February 3, 2005

Child Who Received Experimental Cord Blood Treatment Died

Hannah Stimmel, whose parents pursued a highly experimental cord blood bone marrow transplant for her after she was diagnosed with a rare disease called Nieman-Peck [via comments below] Niemann-Pick Syndrome, has died. Her story was told in an article in the NY Times in December. It isn't known yet if the transplant successfully cured the syndrome, but the resulting immune suppression likely contributed to her death. She was 13 months old.

Despite Desperate Measures, Baby With Rare Disease Dies [nyt]
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It was niemann-pick disease, not niemann-peck. My heart goes out to that family. My daughter emma has this disease and we had never heard of this treatment. she is getting ready to turn 2 next month . I have sat and watch her slowly slip away from me and it is unbearable. This family is in my prayers. god bless!

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