January 29, 2005

Bun's Out Of The Oven? Try A Popover

Ever-thrifty WASP's would never dream of throwing out that favorite chair just because the upholstery's worn through; they'd just get a slipcover and--presto!--it's good to go. Likewise, you don't need to get rid of your child just because it's winter and they can't fit in a Baby Bjorn while wearing a snowsuit.

Now, thanks to some enterprising New York City parents, you can keep your child strapped to your chest all winter long. With The Popover. It's a fleecy warm slipcover for Bjorned kids. It's got pullover mitten cuffs, a hood, a sleeping bag-style bottom, and a pocket somewhere for the kid's keys and cellphone.

At $90, The Popover is about half the cost of a JetBlue ticket to Palm Beach, where the WASP's would have gone to wait out the cold. Now, thanks to The Popover, they can stay warm--and in town--with us crazies.

Buy a The Popover in one of six colors, online or in some store or other. [popoverbaby.com]


I have a question (not about breast feeding, calm down now...) for everyone with a Bjorn... does everyone who uses one have their kid waaayyy up in their face? I tried one on (omg pretty) and the damn thing put my son's face jammed into my mouth.. a cool circus act to be sure, but not comfy in the long run.

Is it just that I found a weird model? The only people I've seen that looked comfortable with them on were obvious Euro folk with size 28 waists (the dad).

that's the first thing I thought when I saw the Popover pictures; how'd they get the kid to ride so low? That way, his flailing feet would be hitting you at knee-level, not groin-level.

You can get the baby to ride lower by adjusting the sliding buckle in the top center of the back of the Bjorn. It takes a while to figure out those straps, but it's worth the effort to get a good comfortable fit. Generally, the higher that buckle goes, the lower the kid -- and the better likelihood of protecting "the boys."

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