January 28, 2005

Popular Dutch Baby Names

While you could ask where Sem and Senna came from--they're the top boy and girl names, respectively for 2004--it's more interesting to compare the classical (to my ear) Dutch names that were popular in 1939--Johannes, Jan, Hendrik, Willem, Johanna, Wilhelmina--with the more international-sounding mix of 2003 and 2004--Emma, Jesse, Amber, Demi, Kevin [what the-, Demi? Oh right, Charlie's Angels 2 came out in 2003. So that makes total sense.].

De populairste kindernamen van 2004, 2003, und 1939 [Sociale Verzekeringsbank*, via Ian]

* The SVB is what pays you your Child Benefit, the EU900 yearly subsidy paid to people with children to offset the costs of raising a child in the Netherlands. Going by the name, I'd say it's like the US Social Security program. Except that it's for kids. And no one's trying to take it apart.]


It's interesting how international names can really become part of a culture. In East Germany, before the wall fell, parents were naming their kids a lot of exotic names. I knew a few Dominique's and Isabella's, neither of which are very German sounding. Additionally, a friend of mine was an au pair in France in the mid 90s and said that the kids had names like Brian and Kevin, but with the French pronunciation, they sounded more like "Bree-ah" and "Keh-vah" -- you know the soft 'n' the french use.

anyways, dutch names rock, and I think our twins will both have dutch/german names. but not wilhelmina or hendrika. yikes!

This is a german hitlist:

Kevein was at top 1 in the first 90s now every boy is called Luca(s) or Nicla(s)

Jaro (East german ;-)

Don't name your kid JERKER....a name I've heard a few times in Holland.

I once met a cute boy in Belgium whose name was Hardon. I was trying to say it like "Hardone" - sort of French-ish - to keep from giggling. He kept correcting me saying, "no, no, no, It's Hard-on, Hard-on. Now you try." I was 20, I couldn't say it w/ a straight face...

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