January 28, 2005

Google Onesie

google_onesie.jpgFinally, there's a Google Onesie available at the GoogleStore. It's $11.75, white, and made by Hanes, whose global reputation for high quality childrenswear has made Onesie the bodysuit brand parents ask for by name.

What's that, Onesie is a trademark of the Gerber Childrenswear Corporation, NOT Hanes? While I could google onesie and xerox the results onto a kleenex, then fedex it to them, I'm gonna let Gerber take it up with Google themselves.

Google Onesie [googlestore.com, via Ian]
There's also a kid-size HanesĘ Beefy-TĘ with an embroidered [classy!] logo for $8.25.

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