January 25, 2005

Fertility Tourism

According to this front page report in the NY Times, the high cost of infertility treatments in the US--especially egg donor programs and in vitro fertilization--are driving increasing numbers of Americans to find foreign clinics. One South African doctor pitches it this way:

"For the price of one IVF cycle in the U.S.A. the patient can come to South Africa, have the treatment done here in Cape Town and have a lovely holiday at the same time and still take some cash home," said Dr. Sulaiman Heylen, a fertility specialist at the Cape Fertility Clinic in Cape Town.
Sounds lovely. Meanwhile, there are no hard numbers, and rest of the examples are 1) US military couples stationed abroad who undergo IVF treatment there and discover that--surprise!--health care and drug costs are a small fraction of what they are in the US, and 2) Americans seeking egg donors of a particular ethnicity (Jewish, Korean, and Taiwanese models available now!).

Cost turns couples into fetrility tourists [NYT]

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