January 25, 2005

A Man, Two Dogs, And A Baby


If you thought going on a walk with a kid and a latte was tough, try adding two dogs to the entourage.

Chattanooga dad-to-be Damon faced just such a dilemma:

Before Fuller was born, we anticipated the difficulty of taking the dogs on walks with us and came up with an idea. Itís common to put your children in wagons and pull them on walks. So, before Fuller was born, Alli bought an older model infant car seat at a garage sale, and I purchased a small Radio Flyer wagon from Wal-Mart. After replacing a few of the included wagon bolts with longer ones, I was able to mount the car seat inside the wagon.
Close, but not quite. A couple of runs later (to Sam's Club and Lowe's), Damon crafted a harness for the bigger dog, Maple, to pull a cart, which held the car seat (and sometimes, the slower dog. And on the 4th of July, a whole cooler-ful of drinks.)

The site has the schematics so you can build your own dog-powered baby wagon; meanwhile, Damon's already working on the next invention, for when little Fuller can crawl. Reserve yours today.

I'd Create Maple ˆ la Carte
[crumleydotorg, thanks Mrs Crumley]

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I've been thinking about this. By which I mean I talked to my wife about it. She wondered what happened when the dog umm.. needed to use the facilities.

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