January 24, 2005

Celebrity-Babies.com Turns 1, Parents Throw Party

It seems like just yesterday when I was cringing at the thought of a whole magazine devoted entirely to forcing its surreally materialistic vision of celebrity parents on the world. And that's just People! Turns out there's Us, InTouch, InStyle...

But then Danielle's weblog, celebrity-babies.com came along to cast it's cynically amusing, critical eye on the whole phenomenon and-- oh, who am I kidding? Seal drives a Bugaboo, people! What more convincing do you need??

Anyway, to celebrate Celebrity-Babies.com's one-year birthday, they're throwing a party. More of a drawing, really. The winner gets a copy of Dr. Moz's excellent-sounding CD-ROM for dads, The Goodfather.

WARNING: If you're a pregnant celebrity reading this, and you don't know who the baby's daddy is, don't click through to this contest; it'll only depress you. Other than that, Happy Birthday, CBB!

Celebrity Baby Blog Turns 1! [celebrity-babies.com]
Related: Losers can buy their own Goodfather DVD at DrMoz.com. Waitaminnit, that didn't come out right... [drmoz.com]
Previously: Seal drives a Bugaboo!!! [daddytypes, via cbb]

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I don't know much about the Celebrity Baby site, but the GoodFather is sweet!

One note daddytypes, the GoodFather is a CD-ROM (Win & Mac)...not a DVD.

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