January 23, 2005

Ventaire, Enfamil. Enfamil, Ventaire

8 oz. of water AND 4 scoops of formula in a 9 oz. bottle.

Scoops that are almost the exact same width as the bottle's neck, resulting in messy powder spills almost every damn time.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


I always put the formula in first even though you're not supposed to. Vigorous shaking or a chopstick (for the stubborn clumps) mixes it well.

As for the getting-it-in-the-bottle bit, I never figured it out. For a while I was using a regular kitchen measuring spoon, but after I accidentally threw it out for the third time, I gave up.

Greg, don't use so much water if you're going to put in 4 cups!

And we have changed servers, ebloogy is history sadly :(


You aren't supposed to put the powder in first? When we go out running errands, we keep a bottle with formula (and a little rice cereal) in it that we can just add water to.

I've gotten quite adept at filling the bottle. I fill it with water to JUST under the 8oz line. Then, I hold the bottle and after each scoop I tap the bottle on the counter which helps flatten the formula that is sitting on top as well as help pull some into the water. I can get the required 4 scoops without issue. :)

Of course, now that I've mastered it, my son is outgrowing the bottle. Pffft.

.... or just switch to Avent, wide-mouth bottles- problem solved.

You have a classic "bottle neck" issue here- wide-mouth versus narrow-mouth

We just upgraded our bottle supply to the 9 oz size, but stuck with the wide-mouth bottle having been tipped off to the very struggle you have experienced-
love, your sister
[insert photos here]

Yeah, what Kaz said. I always put the formula in first and then the water. But we also use fairly wide mouthed Playtex drop-in bottle liner thingies.

Anyone who can afford to buy an $800 stroller can afford to buy ready to eat formula. Problem solved.

I always used to have that problem, too. Then I just decided to put in only about 6oz of water and about 3 scoops of formula. I mean, if that's REALLY not enough for the little guy, I can always make a bit more. At least it beats having powder all over the counter.

Well, I guess we've been going the long way around all this time. I put pyrex in the microwave for :30 and then mix in formula with a mini-whisk (insert foodie-nerd joke here) and then pour the lot into a bottle. When we're out, we have this little formula dispenser, but shaking never works out the clumps as well as the whisk.

Taking a cue from both Erich and MaurasDaddy, I'm going to have our butler make the formula with a mini-whisk. Then I'll serve it to the kid in a goblet of some kind.

Not sure about elsewhere, but in Japan we can buy formula in stick sachets. 1 stick makes 100ml of formula. Just rip the top off and pour - no faffing around with spoons, and no stick spoon issues. More expensive than buying a more traditional big ol' can, but if it bothers you that much, then...

You can buy the 'stick sachets' here too. More expensive though.

I preferred mixing up a days worth of formula all at once in a pitcher. Then, just fill up the bottles as the day goes on. Much easier, only takes 5 mins in the morning.

I found that the 1 Litre (1 US quart) Rubbermaid wide mouth drinking bottles helped cut down the "midnight milk factory syndrome" by allowing me to mix 3 - 9 oz. bottles at once and with room to spare. Then I could decide (rather, baby O could decide) to top up a bottle if the first pour wasn't quite enough.

As convenient as the ready-made formula was for the first couple of months, it is difficult to justify the increased expense when your kid spits 50% of it back up after each feeding!

We bought one of those Rubbermaid pitchers and make 32oz at a time. Pour out when needed. Lasts a few days.

Premix in a container (sealable) with a pour spout, distribute in quantities as required throughout the day. Bob's yer uncle!

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