January 20, 2005

Brazilian Doctor Masters Art Of Stating The Obvious


"Obviously the baby was born by Caesarean section."
- the director of Albert Sabin Maternity Hospital in Salvador, northeastern Brazil, about Ademilton Ramos dos Santos, who weighed 16.7 lbs when he was born Tuesday. That's as big as a 6-month old baby.

Woman Gives Birth To Giant Baby
[AP/Yahoo, via boingboing]



My wife is a midwife and when I read this article to her she said that most likely the mother had Gestational(sp?) diabetes.

But OMG that is a big baby. Wow

I can only imagine the stretch marks.

Did the mother have no prenatal care? How did this happen?

Signed, Mother of a 9.5-pounder

P.S. Totally digging the name Ademilton.

Our first child was 9.8 pounds and our second was 12 pounds. Both naturally. Someone mentioned that each one only gets bigger and my wife scheduled my vasectomy.

Boy oh boy, I think that baby is wearing depends instead of swaddlers. Breastfeeding must be supplemented with a porterhouse steak.

What's up with the plastic box around his head? It made me think of that Bonsai Kitten spoof...

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