January 18, 2005

Fossil Tries To Drive Us Daddy T-Shirt Salesmen Out Of Business


In a shameless and cruel attempt to corner the market and drive the rest of us Daddy T-shirt salesmen out of business, the giant, evil fashion empire Fossil has cut prices to an INSANE level for these "Who's Your Daddy?" T-shirts: Originally $16, down to $12.99, and then 50% off that at checkout.

Go ahead. Buy one. they were probably made by children the same age as your own.

Buy a Fossil "Who's Your Daddy?" T-shirt at the unheard-of price of $6.50 [fossil.com, via DT reader and voracious capitalist Keith]
Related, only for the select few who can appreciate a luxury lifestyle brand: Buy a Daddy Type T-shirt for $15 plus $2 hand-customized shipping [DT]

1 Comment

I can't find this in a Small anymore, and it's not on the website.

No Shirt For Me, I guess.

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