January 17, 2005

Remember 'Desperate Househusbands'?

A while back the NYT ran a story so transparent in its origins and so goofy-biased in its portrayal of suburban at-home dads, it was laughable. At least to us cityfolk. Dads in the suburbs, meanwhile, were pretty damn pissed.

Now, Rebel Dad has tracked down some letters to the editor from NY-region dads who successfully and goodnaturedly rebut the story. (Except they don't talk about how suburban guys with kids are so sexy-n-all that they beat out the poolboys and score with all the neighborhood ladies, which I'm pretty sure I saw on ABC last week, so it must be true.)

Bonus Canadian vocabulary lesson: one SAHD went to Nova Scotia and got called a 'housefather.' ['Housemartin' still sounds better, even if it IS irrelevant.]

Not-that-Desperate Househusbands reply [NYT op-ed,
All's well that ends well [good followup and links from RebelDad]
Desperate Househusbands [the original story]

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