January 16, 2005

Art Auction For A Kid With Leukemia

gbe-auction.jpgSome friends have organized this at a friend's gallery, and quite a few wonderful artist friends have donated work.

On Mon. Jan 31 from 6-10pm, at Passerby, there will be a silent auction to raise money for treatment of Amina Tastini, 18 months, who's been fighting leukemia for over a year, and for other families in medical crisis.

Included are works from: Ellen Altfest, Kristen Baker, Aidas Bareikis, Katherine Bernhardt, Olaf Breuning, Benjamin Butler, Kristin Calabrese, Nick Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh, Rebecca Chamberlain, Will Cotton, Ann Craven, Jennifer Dalton, Jules de Balincourt, Rob de Mar, Nicole Eisenman, Harrell Fletcher, Tom Fruin, Torben Giehler, Luis Gispert, Anthony Goicolea, Gavin & Delia Gonzales, Wade Guyton, Ridley Howard, Brad Kahlhamer, Mark Kostabi, Julian Laverdiere, Christian Marclay, Tony Matelli, Julie Mheretu, John Newsom, Erik Parker, Beverly Pepper, Elizabeth Peyton, Danica Phelps, Jack Pierson, John Pilson, Jessica Rankin, Aida Ruilova, Tom Sanford, Peter Saul, Bill Saylor, David Scher, Dana Schutz, Simone Shubuck, Guy Richards Smit, Pat Steir, Sloane Tanen, Debora Warner...and many more.

Sat., Jan. 29 noon-6pm
Sun., Jan. 30 10-6

Gavin Brown Enterprises, Passerby, 436 west 15th

If you have questions, email me for contact info.

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