January 12, 2005

Bugaboo Frog vs. Quinny Buzz: The Daddy Types Smackdown

While he wasn't buying Tummy Tubs, DT reader Florian and his wife were putting the Quinny Buzz through a side-by-side comparison with the Bugaboo Frog. Here's his assessment:

I wouldn't wait for the Quinny Buzz.

Having had had my eyes set on it in order to differ from the NY Frog-mania [yow, stay off the Upper East Side, Florian -dt], I went to Germany this X-Mas.

We went to the local Baby-Mega-Markt and put the Buzz side by side with the Frog. What a disappointment!!! The Buzz is super big, wheel base is considerably wider than Frog. It's parts/materials are ugly, and most off all, it's damn heavy!

My wife held both the Frog's and Buzz's base under each arm and couldn't even really handle the Buzz. Moreover, the Buzz's buttons and mechanics are inferior. Not a good competition for the Frog/Chameleon.

Obviously we ended up buying the Frog.

But seriously, Florian, how do you really feel about the Buzz? Serious seriously, thanks for the report.

I'm not saying you SHOULD get a Bugaboo, you understand, but if you DO, they have some at babystyle...


Having seen the fairly good quality up close on many other Quinny's, and randomly approaching a few Quinny owners on the street to ask questions (and freak them out in the process), my wife and I decided to order both the Buzz and the Zapp. Both are clearing customs now and one looks to be delivered today. I'll keep you apprised of the order, and will review them once received. I have a few recent posts on the subject at http://www.brainybug.com

By the way, Greg, keep up the great work on your site. It is an inspiration for those of us just starting out blogging! Now I gotta figure out how to do one of those blogroll thingies and add some links to other Daddy Blogs.


Do you mind sharing with us where you bought them and how much it costs to ship? This seems to be a big issue.

You can order them from the Dutch website www.babycare.nl

Euro 149 + Euro 81 for shipping for the ZAPP. The price listed on the site is E169 but once your order is in the cart it shows up as E149. Perhaps they take of the sales tax for foreigners? (Which is 17.5% in Holland)

As far as comparison to Bugaboo. The Buzz didn't seem very special to me, the ZAPP however is very cool. Unique look and it also has an adaptor for the Maxi Cosi Cabrio. Folding it is a breeze (I tried it several times in the store) much easier than the bugaboo and it practically fits in your pocket once folded. Off course it doesn't have the nice air tires.

Good luck.

Casper is correct on Babycare.nl. That's where I ordered my Buzz and Zapp. I'll post some cost info over the weekend. Incidentally, the Buzz came in today, and I have posted some first impressions. Great machine.

If the internet currency converters are to be believed, doesn't that make Zapp much cheaper than the Frog?

Where are some good places for reviews. I'd love to have a stroller that takes up a lot less space than the one we have now (which pretty much takes up the whole "trunk" or my wife's Prius.

While the Bugaboo is cool looking, the sheer number of them on the streets keeps me from considering one. It's the latest example of the irony of Manhattanites: quite original at times, yet the biggest lemmings in the world at others. The baby stroller as status symbol...what's next?

Ive made my Zapp for a couple of months now, and love it. We get stopped on the street whereever we go. Its become a big joke now. We cant make it more than a block in Chelsea. The maxi-cosi cabrio car seat is the way to go as well.

But aj, are you trying to buy a stroller because it's a status symbol, or because you want a great stroller?

1,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong.

But to AJ's point, 1,000,000 Elvis impersonators might be a bit much. :)

Side note, we've got one of these (hope html works on this site, or I've just pasted a bunch of gobledygoop). Not at all suitable for infants (we carried our son on us in a Kelty thing) but light, strong, great in snow and made in Canada (who knew we still made things besides hockey teams?).

That said, not for everyone, it's wheel base is HUGE and it has a fixed front wheel (it is meant for jogging) but we don't drive and we walk a lot so it is a good fit for us.

Quinny Buzz came in the mail last week. It is tres cool looking and our friends have been coming by to take a look at it. The unfolding mechanism is pretty cool and I can't imagine how other strollers fold/unfold. Works and looks awesome w/ Cabrio. Can't wait to take it out to Union Square park.

It is heavy though. But really, after a certain point all the uber strollers are heavy.

For those of you lucky Buzz owners - Have you had any experience in gate checking this little number. I have a Frog & I swear, it requires a physics degree to get it into the travel bag so it's really not practical for gate checking. What has been your experience in travelling with the Buzz?
TIA for any input.

Hi I have a bugaboo frog, and thinking of selling it, to buy a Buzz, simply because the Frog is so unpractical with folding away, and opening up, travelling on any sort of public transport is a no go.....how can you hold a baby, a chassi, and the seat unit?

It it however, very light, looks lovely, and easy to push.

Hey folks... so I've been dredging these postings, and confess I'm still flummoxed.

I thought the whole point of the frog was that although it was expensive, you only would need the one, since it accomodates, bassinet, seat and car seat.

I don't have enought room for two of these things despite how compact.

This is what I understand so far... The Frog is great for versatility in that it has a bunch of configurations, but apparently it does not collaspes easily.

Is there any sort of ultimate death match on these things? It seems like most people want something that looks sharp and works well. That's basically what I'm after, and if it turns out a baby Hummer is the best thing for he job... well appearances be damned, as I glide above the great unwashed, and broken sidewalks...

Though I'd be happy to not spend $700 bloody dollars!


I've been going through the same issues. The handling of the Bugaboo is awesome, but the folding (and required removing of seat) blows. I'm looking into getting a heavy stroller and a light stroller. The Buzz is in the running--I haven't heard much about the seat size, or the handling and suspension. Also in the running is the Mountain Buggy. Not as cool looking...

The Zap is also really cool and small, but not terribly light. Might just get a Maclaren or Silver Cross for those moments...

There's no comparison between buzz n bugaboo..First of all look at the price that u pay for buzz n the bugaboo....there'r so much different...

Hi, just wanted to let you know, i have sold the bugaboo, and purchased the buzz, the seat unit is practucally the same as the frog, exept of course it stays on the chassis when folded.......which i have to say is the big plus for me. With regard to the above comment and price difference, there isn't any.........by the time you have brought the carry cot to go the buzz, then it works out the same as the bugaboo , which comes complete. I am in England, so talking of UK prices only.

Anyways, I have made the right decision for me and my daughter, and am glad that i have converted to the buzz its great, almost as lite weight, looks good, easy to push, and great on colour. What more can i say.

I'm confused. I thought the seat unit had to be removed from the Buzz before folding like the frog. Sounds like a much better idea if you can fold with seat still on. I am now torn between the Frog and Buzz. I had decided on Frog, but am a little concerned by how many people seem to sell them after a few months - check out ebay!

now I'm confused. There are hardly any Frogs on ebay: only one used one from an individual, the rest from resellers.

You can fold the Buzz and the Zapp without taking the seat off; it just doesn't look as cool as it does folded without the seat. But since taking the seat off is as complicated as reupholstering your sofa, you're never going to do it in real life anyway.

And I have to agree, the Cabrio on either stroller--but especially the Zapp--looks AWESOME.

I know this is a site for men but this is the best site that I have found...

I am trying to figure out what to get also... I want something lightweight like a Maclaren but with better wheels for sidewalks ect... I found the Buzz and it looked like it maybe best of both but the adds for the Buzz state that it is 12kg - lightweight - but everyone is saying that it is heavy... so which is it lightweight or heavy?

Can anyone tell me what the measurement is from wheel to wheel?

Also to me the seat looks higher than a Maclaren, is it?


When riding in cabs, can you use a seatbeat sans the base with Maxi Cosi Cabrio? We live in NYC and have been told that the only car seat to get for cab use is the Graco Snugride, because you can belt them in without the base. The problem is the fabric selections for Snugrides are so lame.

You can use a Cabrio in cabs, too, with a shoulder belt. It's why we got it in the first place, actually.

Thanks for the info, Greg! The thought of lugging around the base every time we considered taking a cab was unacceptable.

Does the Cabrio have an optional base that I could leave in my car? So that it pops in and out quickly or do you hae to tie the seatbelt around each time?

The stroller decision is making my head hurt. I need to push the button this week on something.

1. Bugaboo Frog is in the running, but it's kind of obvious. Reminds me of a BMW 325 or something. I also don't like buying a product that's about to be superceded by something better.

2. Stokke Xplory. Cool, but too big I think.

3. Mutsy Freerider. Dropping $700 on something I've never seen in person makes me nervous. A bit of a hassle to get it imported.

4. Quinny Buzz. Seems cool, but I am reading lots of conflicting reports on how well it compares to the Frog. Cheaper in Europe, but ends up costing about the same once you get it here.

5. Quinny Zapp. Is this practical as an only stroller?

Somebody needs to make the decision for me.

Today's decision is Quinny Zapp with Maxi Cosi Cabrio. And if we don't like it, it goes on Ebay and we get something else.

I haven't actually tested out the Bugaboo, but I've seen friends with them and struggling with the baby in one arm and trying with free hand to get the thing closed.

Stokke is cool looking and I like the seat-height adjustment feature, but I think it looks rather impractical as an only stroller. Plus there is no storage space at all.

I don't know the Mutsy, so sorry on that one..can't offer advice.

Yesterday I just checked out the Quinny's and I really think they are both amazing. I am 5feet tall and very petite and I honestly did not think the Buzz was any heavier than any of the other standard strollers- graco, maclaren,etc. It looks cool and turns like a champ..and has the real tires which is nice.

The Zapp is also awesome, but whether it is practical as an only stroller depends on how old your baby is. I'm pregnant and so, the Buss makes a lot more sense as I can purchase the Dreami Cot (bassinet) to use through infancy...if you do this and considering UK pricing with US conversios it comes out to be just comparable in price to the Frog. The Zapp cannot be used with the Cot, it is much lighter (6kg) and folds down to nothing.

In my opinion the Zapp is comparable to a really nice umbrella stroller. It is about $300, thats a lot to spend on an umbrella stroller!

Nobody has mentioned this Quinny, but I also really loved the Speedi SX...very nice and can also be used with Cot, a little cheaper than Buzz.

We just got the Zapp about 2 weeks ago..good on style, maneouverability and very solid..just have one issue with it though..you can't recline the backrest, it sits on one position only..although mine is an 18-month old kid, it's a problem when he's sleeping on the Zapp..thinking of changing to a Buzz or Speedi SX if I can get my hands on them..

In response to Peter's question..i'm told by babycare.nl that there'll be a fixed base plate available for the maxi-cosi cabrio from July.

I'm also struggling to decide between the Quinny or the Zapp! The fact that the Zapp doesn't recline is the main problem for me, and neither has a shopping basket. (The Buzz box is tiny).

The other alternative is the Mountainbuggy 'Breeze'..very lightweight, compact, reclines, has shopping basket! But not compatible with a car seat. This is my first baby and I don't know what to compromise on! Any advice welcome..

I've been using my bugaboo for 10 months now and twice in the last two months have had the same tyre blow itself up to three times its size and then burst with a gun shot type bang!!!! - I do not drive and both times I had been shopping in the middle of town and had to struggle to a bike shop which was only a few streets away luckely. Very upsetting for my little girl and distressing for me, I think it maybe a fault as I have recently seen a report on the net 'Epinions.com' where a bugaboo owner had the same problem. Could anyone let me know if they have also experienced this. I am going to call bugaboo direct to see what their advice is on this matter and will let you know.

Dude, just call Bugaboo. If it's under (2-year) warranty, I'm sure they'll send you a replacement tire right away. You probably should've called them the first time it happened.

And for the record, I've never heard of this problem, just the opposite; I try to put air into one tire that seems a little flat, and it doesn't go in. Eh.

Called Bugaboo this morning and yep they will send me a whole new wheel - and will also arrange to collect the original one to have it checked - great service cannot be faulted. The only time they have heard of this problem is in the summer with the heat - still a little concerning but if you make sure the pressure is correct at 15 (which is quite soft) there should be no problems. Thanks for yours response greg.

Great information about all of these now. I gained "outstanding" experience with prams during the last three months and already proud owner of a collection. Pram-wise we all seem to be mad - isn't? From NL where beautiful prams are being manufactured to Germany where I live to you overseas.

The most craziest: I tried to order a pram from Australia which is called "MIO" - its an elegant looking buggy - which you hardly ever find...

As hollywood is somehow in all eyes the style-wise Germans are going crazy for the bugaboo.
I decided lately to buy my third buggy which will be the Quinny buzz. Its bigger for more comfort than the bugaboo and its style is more clear and defined.
However I know its difficult to balance between style, handyness and comfort for your child.

Have big fun with the business (thats a market...)
Sue from Hamburg

Would it be worth my while to just pick-up the bugaboo stroller when I am in Amsterdam later this month --any big savings? Live about an hour outside New York City in Tuxedo Park so need something rugged for the park like roads around the lake but also go into the city a lot.
Would the bugaboo be a good choice.
Anyone have the address and phone number of the company in Amsterdam?

Does the Bugaboo have a car seat that fits directly into a BMW 500 SUV or do you need any other equipment

What is considered a good all terrain stroller for a couple that travels A LOT!

Hiya.. from Australia.. wondering what prams people find the best with both a baby and a toddler.. none of the ones you are talking about ie buzz and bugaboo have toddler seats, or do they?

I'm in the UK and came across this site whilst trying to find out if the Zapp folds with its seat unit on or not. Thanks for the answer! Anyway, there is a brilliant and economical buggy you have overlooked completely: The Micralite. It's half the price of the Frog when you buy the carrycot, stroller and if you MUST have one the car seat. When it's a buggy you can fold it with one hand, it's as light as a Frog if not as robust and the customer service is second to none. Don't know if it's available in the US or not but I've had mine for a year and I LOVE it. Only thinking of getting a Zapp as a 2nd stroller for when #2 arrives in the summer as we may need 2 if we all go out together.

Just got my Buzz 3 days ago from Singapore, seriously cheap as it was on sale. Folds big compared to the Zapp but now my toddler can sleep better in it. At first, we thought of selling the Zapp but then decided against. Indeed the Quinny prams are the best ones we've 'pushed' so far!!

Shan....who did you order your Buzz from in Singapore? Intriguing!!

[maybe not that intriguing. Shan's email address is from Malaysia, so shopping in Singapore's probably like going to Vancouver is for Seattle-ites. -dt]

Hi there all. Im thinking of buying a Quinny Zapp because I think my 2 yr old son is just a bit big for the Buzz - what do you think is 2 too big for it? Also which colour is the best for the Zapp Black or steel blue? Help me decide pleeaassee! Thanks.

Ok I'm also guilty of being a strollerfreek!
Since I've started our search I've across quite a few nice Stollers/Prams/Buggies of course the Bugaboo triplites(Frog/Gecko/Chameleon)www.bugaboo.nl The Dorel topline products from Quinny (Buzz/Zapp/Spedi-sx/Freestyle3&4)www.quinny.com all of course accept a Maxi-Cosi (Cabrio/Citi) www.maxicosi.nl car seat with ease.
Having had less press on this site is the Bertini (Shuttle-m5/ts)www.bertini.com the above mentioned Mio is not a Bertini but a Torck (Bayamo) www.torck.com & No my british freinds I'll save you the time it's not a Babystyle original even though they relabel it on import.
Of the same feather there is also the Firstwheels (City Elite) www.firstwheels.nl yet not the same build quality. I won't overlook the Stokke (Xplory) www.stokke.com Yet on all the floor models I've seen the handle coating is pealing. I likely would have ended up with a Mutsy (Urban-Rider/3-Rider/Free-Rider) www.mutsy.nl Had it fit in my 2004 Seat Ibiza Sport a little better! This site has been such a help till now hope this gives others the chances given me. Just write for more spicifics as I've taken apart & put back together again just about all the models I'd listed. Sam

Does anybody actually read the e-mails on this site? Thanks for answering my query - NOT!!


Greetings from Amsterdam - where the Bugaboo was born along with the Quinny Zapp.

You can't compare these two buggies because they both have their pluses and minuses. Bugaboo takes a while to get used to (the mechanism flummoxed me for months) but once you get it going, is a lovely pram with a nice ride. It is bulk though and useless for public transport once the kid gets older.

Quinny a great little stroller - especially the Zapp - unfortunately its not from birth (try the micralite 3-wheeler for a "from birth" stroller. The Quinny only has one seating position but in terms of lightness and transportability it is second to none.

Another option is the Maclaren XT. This is suitable from birth - has loads of accessories, folds down very simply - quite subtantial. When the kid is older the Maclaren Volo has to be the most user friendly pram.

The best solution would be to have all the above strollers, this isn't possible unless you have loads of cash and space to store so the best bet for all round usefulness is probably the Maclaren.

Happy to answer any questions!

Hi..Sorry it's been awhile since I've checked out the site..Well yeah, dt is right about my shopping in Singapore. But with the price there being half of what it's selling for in Malaysia I thought I did a pretty good job! Check out www.kidsmall.com.sg

To Nicki - Mine's almost 2 too and you're right, I too wish I had bought the Buzz sooner. However, in terms of size, I think my son is more comfy in the Buzz because of the little bit extra width and reclining position. What I do now is use the Zapp during short trips out (when he prolly won't sleep) or if I have to maneouver in narrow spaces. Other times I prefer the Buzz.

As for colour, I've only seen the Black and Red/Maroon and I think they both look good!

The Maclarens - Is good and practical but it doesn't glide as smoothly as the Quinny does, mayb because of its smaller wheels. With the Quinny, pushing my 4 year old is still not too bad compared to pushing him in other strollers I previously had like Combi and Jeep. Maclaren is also common in Malaysia now and being a stroller freak, I was looking for something 'different'.

Interesting reviews on the Bugaboo but they don't have it in Malaysia though so can't comment..

Good luck to everyone who's still deciding!

This quest is never-ending.... Anyone know anything about the Valco Runabout from New Zealand? It doesn't have the same goofy wheel base as Frog/Buzz, but it has both seat and pram, as well as an additional toddler seat that can attach in front. Works as a jogger as well. Is this too good to be true?

Hi All

Baby due in 5 weeks, and I have climbed on the baby transport bandwagon. Having read the blog from beginning to end, am I to assume that the Quinny Buzz beats the others?
My husband loved its manouverability, but I was reticent because of the 12kg weight and the big tyres. But I liked the idea of using the maxi cosi cabrio with the buzz frame and figure babies never sleep longer than 2 hours at a stretch anyway in the beginning.
Like some of you I think the Zapp is great for the 6kgs but not practical for sleeping.
Is it really necessary to buy an extra carrycot? Surely our newborn baby can sleep in a fully reclined Buzz?
Does it bother any of you that the Buzz has NO storage space aside from a little bag? How is the Buzz for hanging bags on the chassis?
Other factors - we are going to live in Kenya, so I need something for warm weather.

Looking forward to feedback!

Hi All, I have read this site from top to bottom and I am still undecided between the frog and the buzz, I would like to know if

1. the buzz can also be used in the sun and rough terrain as the frog
2. if the buzz folds with the seat or I have to remove it.

Thanks a bunch.

After readig these blog I have been quite intrigued. I currently own a pusher by Baby Love and also Safety First. I am considering the differences between the Stokke Xplory, the Bugaboo Cameleon, and the Quinny Buzz.

To ba able to make a fair comparison I need to lists the major faults of the other two pushers. The Baby Love is the pram I use most. Unfortunately There is a problem with the wheels - they fall off and the grip need a wiggle to keep it in. Also the bag is difficult to get to where ever my daughter is sitting. The other prob is the wheel base is 63.5 cm wide and cant fit on to rtams easily (I live in Melboure Australia and trams are am easy way to travel.) The safety first in comparible to the Zapp, but doesn't need the $$$. Baby girl can't lie down in it and the handles are too short for my partner (6'2") to handle.

I need a pram that will be suitable for a newborn (when I have the next one) but can also accommodate a toddler. I need a pram that will fit onto a tram ( Ihaven't measureed the entrance but my pram desn't fit in and needs about two cm off {1 inche})I need a pram that colapses easily, and doesn't take up too much space.

There are probably other thins, but they are easily identified (someone should have an opinion)!.

I have established the stokke is difficult to collapse. I have realised the Quinny Buzz is 65m at wheel base (not useful to trams) And I have assesed that the frog (I want a cameleon!) can be difficult to change positions.

Can anyboy please help me with this? My partner simply says it's my decision, but there are so many things to consider!

My Buzz experience: Positives: Versatile (chassis takes car seat, reclining buzz seat and carry cot); easy manouvering; easy folding; auto unfolding (very cool); quality makes good impression. Negatives: Bag is small and touches the ground when chassis is folded and thus gets dirty; hanging a separate (any) bag over the handle solves the bag space problem, but dangerously shifts the gravity point; the three wheel design (counting double front wheels as one) determines ample space between back wheels making the buzz very wide (unpractical when storing away in car or manouvering through narrow space such as in a crowded cafe); since the front wheels are not filled with air, the ride gets quite bumpy over uneven terrain such as on paving stone (bugaboo obviously has a solution -- that's why it's called frog); when walking fast and thus taking bigger steps, the feet sometimes hit the buzzes bag (even when handle is pulled out to the max; and I'm rather a short person). Zapp cannot be compared to Buzz, since it cannot replace it (doesn't hold a carry cot). Main positive for me: Folding mechanism, looks and quality. Main negative: Width.

Has anyone used Calineczka Artykuly dla dzieci (polish I believe) to buy their goods from? The prices seem to be really good.

I think that I can answer the question here regarding Bugaboo or Quinny Buzz. Just test-drive the 2 buggies and you'll get your answer.

Myself and my partner have been struggling to decide on a buggy for our baby (due August) for some time and early-on we fell in love with Bugaboo... naturally!

We were recently put off by some of the feedback we'd received from various sources (people, internet, this blog in fact!) and eventually 'gave in' to practicality and changed our minds to the Quinny Buzz. Feedback suggested that the Buzz was a much better alternative due to price, the chair could be used from birth and most importantly - transportability; the folding system where the complete buggy could be folded into one unit with one hand enabling myself/my partner to get on and off buses easily! Although we do not use public transport at the moment - we want a buggy that can be taken on and off buses/trams/trains as it is likely that when on our own we will. We were intending on purchasing a Zapp later for holidays and away trips.


We went to a shop yesterday intending on having a quick look at the Buzz in action and buying it there and then...

We had some serious trouble when we tried to fold the Buzz down - it's not as easy as it sounds and even the lady who worked in the department couldn't do it with one hand and needed assistance! (although bringing it back up is easy).

The buggy frame is fairly heavy and wider than the Bugaboo. The Carrycot is heavier than the Bugaboo Carrycot, but most importantly - the Buzz CANNOT be folded away without removing the buggy seat first, which Quinny sort of claim! Also, Quinny sort of claim that the Buggy seat can be used from birth, which the lady in the shop explained would not really be ideal as the reclinability is not sufficient and the seat seems a little too big for a newborn. What this meant to us was that the Quinny is not sufficient from birth and if we wanted an all terrain buggy - we would still need to purchase a carrycot and still have problems on public transport (because of the Carrycot, possibly havng to remove it, etc). This would be made more difficult by the fact that the clipping system/engineering for the carrycot/buggy seat is clumsy and difficult to use.

We were not intending on doing it, but with this in mind, we then put the Bugaboo to the same tests. What a wake-up call!

The Bugaboo really is funky, seemless and easy too use! The carry cot/buggy seat slides on and off and you really can do all this with ease - the engineering is 'smooth' and very well thought through! The frame is easy to collapse and assemble at speed and every part of the buggy is higher quality and better designed. The Carrycot, Buggy seat, frame, clips, engineering all look and work much better - with the Bugaboo, you really do get what you pay for!

But this is not all... one of the issues that we had was that we were told that a newborn could not spend longer than 2 hours in a carseat at any time which was a concern for shopping trips, etc. However, as the helpful assistant at the shop pointed out - a newborn is not likely to. Baby will need feeding, changing and mum/dad will need coffee/tea/regular stops also!

If your still not sure about BUZZ or BUGABOO - just test drive both and you'll see in less time than it has taken you to read this that Bugaboo is best!

Hope this helps!


My daughter was born in April and we purchased the Quinny Speedi SX, dreamicot, and Cabrio car seat. I have to say that the Speedi SX is great. I have been in London and NYC with it, and it is great. The big wheels help it on uneven and bumby ground/sidewalks. The Cabri car seat is incredibly easy to use, and the Dreamicot is perfect as well. Also, As a Tall guy 6'5" the extendable Handle on the Speedi Means I don't haveto slouch, and the car seat and Carrycot when placed on the frame aren't as low as the Bugaboo.

I am extremely happy with the whole system and the only otherthing I may buy is the Zapp for later when I have to take the Subway or my daughter can walk for a bit.

Also, the SX has a great storage space underneath, which the Buzz sorely misses

1. The Quinny Buzz has no storage space underneath! So you hang a bag for nappies & things, but where do you put your shopping & groceries?

2. How about the Quinny Speedi SX? Has anybody tried this one out? Looks like it has a free-rotating wheel in front for maneuverability and is fairly small and light (in comparison to other strollers that are good for babies from 0 to 3). Certainly smaller than the Quinny Freesyle line. I'm most concerned that the child will be cramped (a couple of my friends report that this is a big problem with the Bugaboo).

3. By the way, that www.babycare.nl website is a bit expensive -- prices are substantially lower elsewhere in european shops (don't know if they'll ship overseas).

That's funny: I read every post above except the last one (by Scott there) before asking about the Speedi SX, and it turns out that's the only one posted by the owner of a Speedi SX.

Scott, can you take the Dreamicot off the frame easily, without waking the baby, and carry it one handed? I live on the 3rd floor without an elevator, so I'm wondering if I'd be able to carry just the Dreamicot up the stairs and leave the frame parked downstairs. Speaking of stairs, how well does the Speedi SX handle them?

Hi, I am also considering the Bugaboo v Buzz and would prefer the Buzz except for the fact that there is no basket to put shopping or a baby bag etc. Does anyone know of a good solution to this - is there an accessory that can be added (Quinny dont seem to have anything but maybe someone out there has figured / found something that can be added to solve this storage problem). Andrew

Andrew if your looking to store anything in on or around either of these stollers you've missed the whole point!
On the other hand you could just use a Diaper Bag that attaches to the stroller!

I am torn between the two strollers as well.

There may be one defining factor for me.

The Buzz website sais that the wheels have suspension. Is this true?
how does it compare to the Frog/Cameleon?

Omigosh, the Frog has suspension, but the Cameleon has SUSPENSION. The ride on those things--especially the front, smaller wheels--is amazing.

Upon the news that my wife was pregnant we waited 2 months began then shopping for baby gear. While on one of these excursions I realized two things. 1 -as a designer by trade; I am indeed a design snob. 2 -American baby transport products are REALLY, BULKY, UGLY and insert "devoid of design intent" comment here.

After seeing a rather stylish looking couple pushing a Quinny Buzz stroller in Amsterdam (on a recent business trip), I just had to have one. The design was stunning and the functionality seems to have been worked out by people that have at least held a baby once or twice. I must have looked like Jacko because I couldn't stop staring at this baby. Well not the baby. I was checking out his ultra cool mode of transportation.

When I got home I went shopping for the Quinny Buzz stroller only to find out... that's right. IT'S NOT AVAILABLE IN THE USA. I thought to myself "that's typical". I then had a lightning bolt of a thought. EBAY!!! You can find any and everything on ebay.


I found and I purchased the Quinny Buzz Stroller on EBAY for about $450 USD + $50 for shipping from an reseller in Canada.

I am However currently searching for the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio carseat. Tough to come by even on ebay. Does anyone know if there are any other Buzz compatible infant carseat brands out there? Even (gasp) American ones.

To my knowladge unlike the Bugaboo's, which have options to take either PegPreggo/Graco/MaxiCosi, the Quinny strollers are only compatible with MaxiCosi as Dorel is the parent company for both MaxiCosi as well as Quinny!

Not to imply that this would work & I kind of doubt it does, but since Dorel also started meddling with the finances of Saftey First as they have purchased them, and from the Saftey First factories come many of the Cosco stuff. You may wish to give it a look see, but be forwarned: even if this did work, you're better off with a Cabrio!

So I've read all the comments - and I was and still do love the idea of getting the Quinny Buzz (don't know what all the fuss about the Bugaboo is personally - they've become soooo common!) but where should I buy it from? Please help!

I'm in the UK, where it is obviously more expensive than on the continent - should I be taking a trip across the Channel or is there any web-sites people can recommend? We have a trip coming up in Paris - so maybe someone can recommend a shop there?

Also - people have talked about the clips for extra storage - where do you get those from?

Hey Eddie,
Would think if you read through you would have come across these www.babycare.nl & www.babytrader.nl or in english www.babytrader.co.uk which by the way is where I just purchased our Quinny Zapp from(might even arrive in London today). May make some sense to do a search on E-bay as that usually turns up some more retailers!

I came across this site while desperately seeking opinions on the Mutsy Urban Rider. I am looking to change my phil and teds to this with the new duo seat.Both my 21m old and 6m old fall asleep in the phil and teds on a regular basis and I find myself propping their heads up every five minutes cos I can't recline the seats. Can anyone tell me about weight, steering in tight spots, folding, etc. Any comments at all?


Can someone help me out and tell me If there is an online store that sells mustys and ships to australia?

Thanks heaps..

Hi, I just got the Quinny Buzz today and took it out for a spin. I wasn't going hiking or anything, just walking on the sidewalk, but the front wheels made this constant rattling noise. Are they supposed to do that or do I just have a pair of glibbled wheels? Has anyone else noticed this?

Anyone have any opinions on strollers and snow? I'm talking Canadian snow here.

Yeah look for the post about stoller ski's on this site!:-)! LOL


www.glasgowpramcentre.co.uk have a sale on and are doing the buzz for £254.99 which is very good. We ordered ours there months ago for £299.99 and are trying to negotiate the new price as we've yet to collect it. Baby due in 5 weeks.

We're not due until September but are completely mired in this decision. The Buzz is now available here in Canada, but the Maxi Cosi seat is not. We were just going to buy it from an EU site and get it shipped, but...a call to Transport Canada confirms that EU safety standards are not recognized and thus the Maxi Cosi is technically illegal. Does this bother any other N. American Buzz/Maxi Cosi owners? And does anyone know of another car seat that will fit the Buzz frame or when the LATCH (or Isofit or whatever) version will be available? Trying to get info from the parent companies has been really difficult....

I can fully simpathize with how hard it is to get reliable info from Dorel(the parent company of Quinny & Maxi-Cosi Amoungst others). As our first was born June 10th I had to have my gear/info a bit earlier. This is some of what I learned from E-mailing ALL of their worldwide suppliers as e-mail sent directly to them appeared to be blocked. The consensus seems to be that plans were for the ISOFIX version of the Cabrio to be avalible some time early spring this date has been consitantly pushed off by roumours of it being avalible 2 months at a time thus us hearing 1st feb./mar. then may/jun. more recently aug./sept. yet I'd received responses stating dec.05/jan.06 as they have encountered some diffuculty in the process. Unfourtunatly it also appears no retrofit kit will be avalible for earlier non-ISOFIX Cabrios to be ISOFIX compatible.
As for your concern with local road laws I can't recomend to disregaurd them but as I am both an US/UK citizen I regulary find my self in the position to decide which standard should be followed. Genrally deciding if it works for me and seems safe then all the tests the respective safety boards have done should be sufficiant!

Here's my opinion & experience with my Quinny Speedi. Wouldn't trade it for a Buzz at all :)

I have a 21 month old who has been through pretty much every style of stroller since birth. I liked her Evenflo carseat system & it lasted for 10 months (she was a tiny preemie). But as soon as she outgrew it, I got rid of everything. The bulky stroller was terrible for outside walking & took up too much room in our Passat wagon.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have purchased the entire Quinny system with carseat, carrycot, & stroller at birth. It would have saved me so much wasted time and money.
She couldn't use a jogging stroller until around 8 months & she hated the lack of padding and harsh ride on our Instep 5K. Fussed most of the way no matter what.

I used a small Graco Citi during last summer to zoom around with. She loved that, but it's only a summer stroller for very small tots. As long as we forgot about going off pavement. She loved the backpack that my husband wore, but due to poor balance, there's no way I could carry it.

January 2005, I tried out the Freestyle, Speedi, Buzz, & Zapp. I was fed up with my ancient Peg Perego that could not steer one-handed & fold well with the very needed bunting bag.

The Freestyle & Zapp were immediately disqualified at the time. Freestyle as being too heavy, large, & bulky. Zapp, well, I wanted a rugged stroller. I was looking for more options.

So the choice was between the Speedi & Buzz. The price of the Buzz was very offputting to my husband. Around $450 for something that didn't even have a good basket. I still liked it. Especially as the handle extended & had handbrake in conjunction with rear DISC brakes that were so easy to use. But it didn't fold up enough for my needs and I passed on it.

I ended up happily with the Speedi -- in a deep purple (Mauve in Euro style). It is extremely versatile. The handle extends & retracts in seconds. My 6'4 spouse has lots of leg room & doesn't hunch to reach the handlebar. I can adjust it depending on the situation for close areas or long strides. It folds in half fairly easily. The Rain cover is an optional purchase, but well worth it.

The braking system is awesome. No clamping flimsy plastic wheels. The handbrake connects to the rear disc brakes for slowing on hills, etc. To put on the brake, a center footpedal is pushed down. It flips back up without pounds of force. Oh it's very stable and secure.

I think of it as a hybrid between the lightweight American styles & the heavy sturdy European Buggies. It's lightweight for its size at around 24 pounds. The 3 wheels pop off easily for even more trunk space when needed.

The front wheel locks to help stability on rough terrain. We've been out in all sorts of weather with it. An early March snowstorm dumped about 6 inches of snow. I had no trouble plowing through with the large airfilled tires. It's easy to wipe off & keep clean.

The cons of the Speedi --
When I removed the winter bunting bag (Not quinny manufactured) for spring, the seat harness was too large for my daughter. She's tall & lean for her age, but still, I think Quinny thinks kids are HUGE! ;)
I sewed the crotch strap up an inch higher + took up some of the shoulder harness by wrapping it under the pads. I use a cotton pad from our now-sold Jogging stroller to keep her sliding on the nylon material.

The underseat area is an odd triangular shape. Best fitting item is a diaper bag backpack from LandsEnd. Quinny reccomends 10pounds or less..., but I found that the bag rests more on the frame than the basket area so weight doesn't seem to matter. I also use a small bag attached to the handles for wallet & loose items.

The canopy doesn't cover much past the top of a head. I have a shade extension by Kiddopotamus. But my daughter loves the detachable back panel on the canopy. She turns her head to see what I'm doing & talks with me as we walk.

Width of the stroller plus its wide wheels makes shopping in tight areas difficult. But the width is what makes it soooo stable and a great walker for when my foot locks up. The front swivel wheel is easier to maneuver than most 4 wheel systems.

It's not a jogging stroller, but it's wonderful for distance walkers on all sorts of terrain.
I haven't really needed to tilt the seat back. Daughter has little trouble finding a comfy spot to fall asleep. At restaurant tables, she sits in it unharnessed and enjoys her meals.

On a recent trip I discovered I needed something a bit more smaller, lightweight & foldable for stores, airports, & travel. So yesterday I splurged & purchased the Zapp... also in deep Purple :) It fits into the back of my car on top of the Speedi. It's not designed for the long walks, especially since the handles don't extend. But it will be good for when the Speedi is just too bulky :)

Sorry to be so long in this. I hope this gives searchers some useful information.
regards & good luck in the quest for finding YOUR perfect stroller

hi i have just read the whole site and must admit will be showing this to my husband later !! i confess to being a total buggyholic now on my 5th little man being 1 last week - we are now on the quinny zapp although i also have a maclaren and a speedi sx - i would admit that the quinnys push themselves and in looks they are second to none - but i am a little disapointed with the zap - although not a mensa member i feel that i have some experience with pushchairs and this one stumps me everytime !! also my son has managed to kick it over twice ! now with hardly any weight on the back in fact i have never used a pushchair so likely to tip

We almost bought the bugaboo but become very concerned about the non ability to fold up. I'm on the tiny side, and my husband thinks this is going to be a major issue.

Plus, he can't stand the amount of bugaboo crawling through the NYC streets.

2 Questions - how do you overcome the car seat issue - don't feel comfortable not having a car seat in the taxi or visiting family.

Does the buzz fair well in the snow - baby is due December 6th and concerned about getting around Manhattan in the winter.

Thanks thanks thanks

We bought a stroller that my wife hates and now want a new one for our 1 yr old. We are considering the Quinny, but does anyone have any comments on Phil & Ted's e3 Explorer Buggy? Especially the 2nd seat? How does it fold up? Weight? (My wife's biggest complaint about our current American made stroller is the bulkiness.)

We are thinking about a second child in the near future and thought this would be a good compromise. Thanks.

P.S. You can find Quinnys (Buzz and Zapps) on ebay from German stores that will ship to the US for around $70-90.

Hi there,

In the process of doing some market research and came across this thread about prams, and thought I would clarify some things for you all!

I am writing from a company called IGC Australia who manufacture and distribute prams and strollers under the brand BERTINI, among others.
Bertini is the brand responsible for the gorgeous new MIO and TRIO urban wheelers. The MIO is not, as suggested by someone, found at www.torck.com. The MIO and TRIO are consecutively, four wheeler and three wheeler, and comes in red, black and biscuit. For more information, please refer to our website, www.bertini.com.au.


Hi Folks,

Finally made the decision to purchase the Quinny Buzz. Baby due in 6 weeks or so. I set the whole thing up over the weekend, and when the Dreami carry-cot is fitted to the frame, it appears as if the head end of the carry-cot is slightly higher than the foot end. Anyone else notice this? The tyres haven't been inflated to the correct pressure yet, but I don't believe that it is going to raise the tail end by that much.

Anyones comments greatly appreciated!



What is the difference between the www.trock.com and the MIO. To me they look the same. Just a different name on it. Same with www.babystyle.co.uk, how makes those? It does't look like MIO or Trio.

Im new to all this baby stuff but my head is spinning with pram talk having spent the past few weekends imersed in the subject. So, we have pretty much decided to get a Quinny Buzz but have one reservation....does the small, non-air front wheel affect it suitability for all terrain use? Your thoughts please.


In a word, NO!! I recently purchased a Buzz and very soon after, returned it (gotta love liberal return policies).

It was heavy, took up all the space in my SUV, was wide and hard to manouevre in tight spaces, but all that I was willing to forgive because it looked so cool. What I couldn't forgive (and I really, really tried) was that useless front wheel. Quinny claims it has suspension, but I don't see it and I certainly don't hear it. Never mind rough terrain, I only take it out for walks around my neighborhood and get all sorts of glances my way - not because of it's looks, but because that wheels rattles and shakes like a cheap $5 umbrella stroller. Not exactly the kind of attention I was looking for. Most of the time my husband just tilts it up onto the rear two wheels because he can't stand the noise (in which case, the ride is whisper-quiet).

I went back to have a look at the display model thinking I maybe I just had a defective wheel, but nope, that's how they are. The last straw was when the wheel started squeaking. I bundled it up and dumped it back on to the retailer. Now I'm back at square one looking for a stroller. I'm trying to bribe my husband into taking me to the UK to gat a Mutsy. Highly unlikely, but hope springs eternal...

Did anyone check out www.stroll-air.com? It seems like they're offering a lot in one package.
I saw an advertising in ePregnancy magazine of Stroll-Air strollers and it seems like they're coming out with new products. The pink one is truly a beauty.
I love the european style and all the options.
Does anyone have any experience with those?

Unfortunately we have no control over other companies or brands designing products that may look similar to the MIO or the TRIO. However, we can assure you that those products made by Torck and the other brand you referred to (Babystyle) have no relation to Bertini whatsoever.

Does anyone know if Mio or Trio will be avaialble in the US?

To IGC Australia,
Not to pick a fight, yet if you dispute the FACT that these strollers look nearly beside the graphics to be identical copies then please at least give us more of an explanation then your website does as to the orgins of the Mio/Trio!
I've found it quite interesting that both these other sites www.torck.com & www.babystyle.com ofer their products for sale. While Bertini has still been in the gathering infomation stage to determine the value of either relabeling -or- purchasing a run of these from the same plant in china producing your shuttle which we own and apprtiate!

Right, here is my 5 cents worth on Quinny vs Bugaboo.

We were originally set on quinny SPEEDI SX. Looks awesome, has decent size wheels for forest/nature tracks. (not just pavement).
1 BIG problem, is that once you dont use the dreamy cot, the baby cannot face any other direction but forwards. I would find it very uncomfortable to place my baby facing forward, without seeing the parent after 6 months (when cot is too small).

So that brought us to freestyle XL. Perfect for forest, can be used backwards/forwards. But TOO big and heavy.

GREAT stroller, one button collapse, baby can face both directions, looks cool. BUT, front wheels are CRAP. Ok for pavement/city, but no way usable as a "jogger" on rough terrain. Also lack of netting to place things in.

Think I will buy the ZAP just for trips. Tiny, looks nice, packs small, but not that versatile and again not practical for rough terrain.

So finally to our choice, the bugaboo frog/(atcually probably chameleon, as frog is no longer). I am worried about the collapse mechanism requiring effort (somewhere to put the baby whilst you collapse it), but it is light, baby can face both directions, plus you can use the large wheels as front wheels on rough terrain, making it easy to push/use in city/off road.

I think if I still lived in London or another similar city, I would go for the buzz, no hesitations. But I think for a suburban life (Switzerland, near forests), the choice has to be between Speedi SX and bugaboo, and the bugaboo wins only because of the possibility for the baby to face both directions.

Thats my 5 cents :-)

Blimey! Talk about information overload. I've just read the whole of this thread and my head is spinning. What's worse is that I didn't find the info I was looking for. I live in the UK and am debating whether to buy the Bugaboo Frog or the Mutsy Urban Rider. We want something with a carrycot for when the baby is first born, and a practical pushchair for when older. We do quite a lot of walking, both on and off road, and do have some steps to negotiate. I will also be using public transport, but luckily the buses are the new designs with low access and special spaces for buggies so they don't have to collapsed. Does anyone have experience of these two systems or a good comparison? Unfortunately they're not sold in the same outlets, so we can't go and do a direct comparison, and they both seem pretty good. Any advice gratefully received.

Hi Kat...

I've done a fair amount of research on these systems myself...the frog and the mutsy are both very easy on the eyes...so as far as looks go...it's all up to you. They both come with carrycots/pushchair, so you covered there either way.

I would warn that - from what I've read - the Mutsy is WIDE - 2 inches wider than Bugaboo...so maneuverability may be more difficult in shops/tight places/transit. Also, I can't remember if this is true, but the Mutsy certainly looks HEAVY, so I would check on that.

Now that your buses don't require a collapse, that would be great for the bugaboo because the 2-part fold is a concern for most bus-goers.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the response. For anyone shopping in the UK just thought I would give my feedback on what we've found so far. I have now looked at the Bugaboo, Mutsy and the Micralite, all of which have a carrycot for first use, and have pneumatic tyres which make rough ground easier to negotiate. The Micralite and Bugaboo have swivel wheels which make turning/pushing around town incredibly easy. The Mutsy has a strange device which allows the back wheels to move, which I personally found quite odd, although you may get used to it quite quickly. The Mutsy was easy to fold, but really bulky and didn't fit in our boot (VW Golf). The Micralite folds up very narrow, but still too long to go in the boot. The Frog folds up to nothing and fitted in there with no problems. The Micralite says you can fold it with one hand -good for public transport use. This isn't true. While you can collapse it with one hand (almost anyway), the clip which holds everything together is impossible to use, and even the shop assistant took a good 5 mins trying to adjust wheels and frame to get it to clip in place. The only negative thing I can say about the Frog is that the pushchair seat is not the biggest, so is only going to last until about 3 years max. However, having examined these three in detail and looked at many others, the Bugaboo just stands out head and shoulders above everything else. The quality of the build and materials is second to none and so much better than either of these other two. The Musty looked quite substantial but the seat and carrycot looked very cheap, and the straps looked quite rough and unfinished. The Micralite looked like it would drop to pieces in seconds. The carrycot wouldn't offer any protection in a cold winter wind as it was so flimsy and the handle of the shop model was already broken. The Bugaboo is pure quality and you would love to tuck your precious bundle safely inside. What's more, nothing comes close to being as versatile as the Frog, and once you get used to the mechanism it is incredibly easy to use. It is of course more expensive than the others, but if you've got the money to spend there really is no competition. Hope this is helpful. Kat.

Hey Kat if your this enamoared with the Frog find yourself a way to get the Cameleon as it folds even smaller steps the material quality up one notch and because of the slightly enlarged frame will buy you just a bit more time!

I have just been reading through this site and I too am flummuxed with all there is to offer. I have been debating the Quinny Buzz or Speedi but saw the Bugaboo Frog today and thought that was great. However, I'm due at the end of September and would rather get my hands on the Cameleon or Gekko. Anybody know where I can order one??


We are due in 6 weeks time and we have Quinny Buzz sitting in its box which we have not opened yet because we have a feeling we will change it for something else. Just found out that it is only guaranteed for 6 months and with that hydraulic opening thing I am not filled within confidence about its durability. Secondly every person I see walk past with a stroller has the basket at the bottom jam packed with stuff and don't want to have to walk around with a backpack to stick stuff in. Trouble is can't find any other 3 wheelers that will take the Maxi Cosi carseat and don't want to fork out £500 for the Bugaboo frog thing. What I am realising is that that there is no perfect solution out there, you will have to make some compromise.... maybe we will stick with the buzz for a bit and carry on looking.

answering J's question way back in july about the phil & ted E3 explorer buggy (probably too late, but hey): we LOVE it. we live in the east village, take the subway a lot and shop in bodegas, so for us, the combination of LIGHT, very maneuverable, good suspension, and macgyver-switchable is perfect. and you needn't be a) strong or b) possessed of an engineering degree to switch the seats around. from newborn to 10 months (and maybe longer, dunno--she's 10 mos now) the baby could sleep flat while the 3-yr-old rode above her. the upper seat can also recline (contrary to what emma said further up the page) while the bottom one stays erect. it's the only double stroller that can easily manage curbs/steps AND fit thru narrow store aisles. it folds SO easily--unheard of for a double. it's really a marvel of design. the only drawback is that the 2nd seat doesn't recline (but for us, that isn't fatal, since the baby will sleep in the unzipped-and-laid-flat primary seat while the preschooler rides high in the non-reclining seat in its uppermost position--eee, that sounds confusing but you'll see what i mean if you look on the phil & ted NZ site).

Does anyone know cost involved of buying and shipping a Quinny to Australia?? They have just come out over here and not many people knw about them yet. I got a price for AUD $854 Buzz and AUD $600 for Speedi SX. They did not have the Zapp yet.After readind all the comments I think the Speedi SX is the best compromise. We have a Mountain Buggy Urban which is great. No problems so far. Safest pram around.

This is an update from my original post on July 6, 2005.
I returned the Zapp within several days of purchase. I needed something that could be used for an older child and be toted around when she is walking. She also couldn't get in and out of it on her own due to the styling.
The Zapp is quick to fold, but it's bulky and at around 20 pounds isn't that comfortable to carry in the bag all of the time.

Thanks to comments on here, I took a chance & purchased a Silver Cross Mini from an Ebay dealer for $90. It's 12 1/2 pounds and fits more with what I'll need it for -- airports, public transportation, stores, etc... Still a bit bulkier than I wanted, but to go down anymore in size would provide less room, stability, & comfort for my almost 2 year old.

It fits in my Passat wagon on top of the Quinny Speedi. Each have their strengths. I couldn't see pushing an umbrella stroller a mile around an animal park on steep gravelly rough terrain today.

A comment on Silver Cross. If you visit the website: www.silvercrossbaby.com there's a notice informing that the US license is no longer valid. UK Silvercross will be taking over as owner and appointing a US representive asap. I found out the California office is already closed.

UK & European models do not have the small umbrella strollers on the menu. I've been told by 2 baby stores now that everything regarding the Mini & Micro will be discontinued. What they have on stock is all there is.
hth someone,

In response to Valco Runabout. I have Valco Rebel. It is heavy, Thinks Bebecar + extra weight of the toddler seat and it weights more then the Runabout... but it has reversible seat, so I can easily chat with my son when he is in the toddler seat. I have actually never used it forward facing yet.

I love Rebel and so does my son. It is very smooth and easy to push (it might take a few days to get used to the weight), even with one hand.

The stroller seat is huge, so once the little one is older she can actually be in the toddler seat and the older child can move into the stroller and still be comfy. My friend does that; she has the Runabout and loves it.

There are some negative points. The rain cover does not go over the toddler seat, so we use a stroller umbrella. And the little one will not have a very good view sitting behind the older child. But once hey get older and can sit up more they are just fine.

The stroller is big and will not fit into a small car, but can be folded with the toddler seat on.

The toddler seat can be used up to 44 pound the stroller seat up to 45 pounds.

It is perfect for long walks and shopping. It has a huge storage basket, so you can bring lots toys to the playground and then go buy groceries.

And oh yes, it has its own tire pump.

Hope this info is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.



I am thinking of buying the Quinny Speedi SX, but saw that someone said it was rather wide and so difficult in shops. Can anyone else comment on that? I definitely want something that is easy to push around town, but don't want the Buzz or Zapp due to lack of storage...


Hi Dene,
I wrote before and commented on my Speedi. It depends what type of shops you go to whether or not the Speedi is too bulky. If you expect it to fit in those tiny in-town boutique shops with very little floor room for adults, it won't. Then again, many small strollers wouldn't work there either, especially with the tot reaching out and grabbing stuff.

If you plan to visit larger places like Walmart, RÈal, Cosco, Ikea, etc... where there's enough room to maneuver a shopping cart, then the Speedi works very well. The front wheel swivels nicely to make it easy to get around.

I made it work for pretty much everywhere this past year. Since I no longer need the walking aid of the sturdy stroller (more foot rehab) I basically use my very lightweight Silver Cross Mini for pretty much everywhere except outdoor venues. Then I either use the Speedi, Ergo baby carrier (www.ergobabycarrier.com) , or my 2 year old daughter simply walks. Probably when winter hits, the bunting bag will return to the Speedi and I"ll use it all of the time again.
hth & good luck.

Sara! Tell me about your thoughts on the Ergo baby carrier. I am fascinated by the looks of it! Do you love it? Do you have the new version or the older style?


So glad I found this site! My husband just picked me up a Frog. I'll let you know what my first impression is. I have not physically seen one yet. Although, I have visited the Bugaboo website many times. (I could not find a retailer that sells them in my area.) I am not due until January and this is my first child. I found this site very helpful in making the decision on which stroller to purchase. Fortunately, for me I have not been tainted by the popularity of the Frog. Since, my introduction to it came from this site while doing research on the Quinny Zap. But, I definitely understand it would be quite disenchanting to see them on every street corner. However, if it's a good stroller and does everything you need it to do, who cares! My biggest fear was purchasing stroller after stroller looking for the right one. Or having to purchase one for each situation or type of terrain. Hopefully, the Frog will cover all of my needs! It's expensive but, if it does the job then I am happy. Thanks for all of the insight. I will keep you posted.

Hi All,

We just got a Quinny Buzz, and I like most everything about it... but the wheels (rear ones) SQUEAK! Has anyone else experienced this? It's brand new, and out of the box sounds awful.... front wheel does make noise over bumps but that doesn't bother me so much.

I am planning to call Babycare.nl, I hope they stand behind their US sales?

Any experience with this would be appreciated, thanks


Sears.ca has the Quinny Buzz on sale -- $70 off!

Cheers from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There are a lot of Quinnys and lot of Bugaboos around here (both dutch =local brands). As they both are dutch brands and there are zillion of them everywhere, it's not a question of 'cool design' or 'hip item' or 'fashion' (=not an artificial hype) BS**t, but instead a question of an actual practical use & just really normal, good/best stroller.

Hence there's a lot of experience of both of them as well as consumertests & reviews (probably more than in the whole US). In the reviews Bugaboo has won and Quinny lost. These are the main complaints which repeat over and over again (not just single individuals)...

The wheels squeak, creak and donít drive smoothly outside (due to the front wheels). The wheels also donít absorb any roughness, so if you want to ride smoothly, you need to till it to itís 2 back wheels.

If you donít have the Buzz-box, thereís no place to put your shopping. If you do have the Buzz-box, you are kicking it with your feet constantly when walking.

The break is a dramatic constuction. Itís next to the wheel and pretty small button for men with big feet and lots of them have difficulties to put the breaks on. Furthermore, with sand in the wheels, the breaks donít always hold.

It is too wide to go through the doors, people ride over other peopleís toes frequently.

Itís also too heavy to carry around when folded.

The front wheel doesnít always go to the right direction on slippery floors and when pulling.

The seat/carrycot is crooked which way ever you mount it on. So when the child is sleeping, the head is always downwards and their legs upwards.

Folding goes relatively easily, but if you need to pull it apart, thatís rather difficult.

Lots of people are selling/returning their Quinny Buzzes and swapping them over to Bugaboo. All the people I know who have Bugaboos (a lot)are super happy with them and wouldn't change them for the world.

As for car seats go, both Bugaboo and Quinny are applicable for Maxi Cosi, which is the ultimate testwinner in whole European continent... wouldn't even think of buying anything else.

Hope this helps. I'm not on a mission to promote Bugaboo over Quinny. Just know a lot of experiences. However, decide for yourself what is important to you! If you have a chance, test drive them both before making a choice...

If you can read dutch go to http://www.kieskeurig.nl/review/87EEC11ACD50BBA6C1256F2D0063FA84.htm#C1256CFB00272F02C12570380040AF63
and read all the comments yourself.

:-) Anna

mountain buggy urban stroller vs bugaboo gecko. which one would you pick?

Hi, My new Quinny Buzz arrived yesterday, and I think it's fab! I have a mini cooper S and wanted something small enough to fit in that (along with my toddler, baby & husband). The seat bit comes off extremely easily, and I've had that on the front seat in the mini for now (although I'm sure it will fit behind the front seats once my hubby is in the passenger seat), and the frame/chassi folds up really small and fits in my boot (with the wheels still on!). It's really easy to push, and very straightforward to adjust (i.e. which way round you have the seat, seat positions). The only draw back is the lack of shopping basket. The Buzz box is quite big (In my opinion), but I prefer to just be able to chuck things under a buggy in the basket, so I will be purchasing a basket when they hit the shops in the UK (Mid December apparently).
I have had no problems with squeeky whhels (although it's still early days), and the frame most definately does spring open when I least expect it, as there is a strap which you fasten round to stop that from happening (the lady whos' Buzz sprang open perhaps didn't have the strap??).
Anyway, for me, it's fab, and alot cheaper than the Bugaboo (which i couldn't really have, as the handle height on the one that is remotely affordable doesn't adjust!).
So, I vote BUZZ!!!

Didn't check my post before I sent it.......the frame DOES NOT spring open........!!

Hi all, mom encroaching on the dad blog here. (How come dads have better blogs?)

Okay, after much, much research we just got the Quinny Buzz. My husband went on a business trip to the UK and brought it back home. Arto is 8 months and has been using his Evenflo car sear with a Universal Stroller Carrier from birth and we felt it was time for him to stroll front and have a front row seat of the world.

I didn't want a Bugaboo because its double the price of a Quinny Buzz. Way too much. (Somewhat irrelevant factor to choice: every other kid on Smith St. in Brooklyn is in a Bugaboo.)

We got the Buzz from www.kiddisave.com (I had it delivered to my husband's hotel in London) and it goes for £218.00(the price is now £229.00 though) which is about $370. Free delivery within mainland UK.

Folding is pretty easy. Folds with the seat still on it (but the seat has to be in the upright position). Not much bigger than the universal car seat carrier when folded. Automatic unfolding is amazing.

Looks really fresh.

Easy smooth ride on city streets (which is where we'll be using it 95% of the time)

Wheels are fine, no squeaks (but of course, as with everything, time will have to tell on that one).

No storage for shopping but a look at the Quinny website shows that there is a shopping basket accessory. Or as someone pointed out, you can get the Bugaboo clips and they fit right in (I will get that too).

The bag that comes with it can fit everything you need -- bottle, food, diapers wipeys, toys. No need for a separate diaper bag. I also wear a "hip", hip bag. You can get one at www.builtbywendy.com or www.diaperdude.com.

There is a good review of the Buzz posted in this thread at www.neosophic.com. It is a six-month use review. Pretty good.

The Buzz is great functionally. To be fair, time will tell. But point by point functionality vs. the Bugaboo, especially with teh price difference, it definitely wins. Plus, you won't be with the Bugaboo minion.

Well... I am kind of torn apart between the Frog and Buzz... I was on the business trip to Hong Kong today, and I saw the Buzz..... about 3,800 HKD which is about $490 US. Is this a good price?

[seems a just little high, but if you're in the US, what'll kill you is the shipping. Check sears.ca for north american prices, but you'll have to find a way to get it home; or babycare.nl has EU-to-US costs w/ shipping. -ed.]

Hi, I'm a future mom and also having issues with choosing quinny speedi (I need storage space) vs. Bugaboo cameleon/gecko. I really want a stroller to do it all. Bumpy city streets, travel for long trips to Greece. I'm leaning towards Bugaboo, and would like comments about size of seat, will 2 inches really make a difference? and Height of Gecko handlebar, is 40" too short? I'm 5'7" and usually wear shoes with some height to them.


[2-in. would make a difference only when the kid is older, much older, like 2-3+ years old. The height is a good question, though, but unless you break through 6' regularly, the gecko handle height is probably fine. We thought the Frog was great until we got the Cameleon and raised the handle an inch or so, which was even better. Now, of course, the Frog feels kind of short. But i'm 6'3 and my wife's 5'9 and only felt the Frog was short with heels. -ed.]

has anyone tried the rock star stroller? looking for a true alternative to the bugaboo/buzz dilemma....

Our Bugabbo Frog is 4 months old and one of the tires exploded today -- there were 2 very loud bangs that scared our nanny and our baby. I see Madmax had a similar experience in April. Have others experienced this? For those of you who have had this problem, did the manufacturer replace the tire? How long did it take?

Has anyone had any problems travelling on airlines with the Bugaboo Frog. We are flying on tuesday and I am worried that we will not be allowed to take it to the gate due to the size.

[we gate check it all the time. Just make sure to get two gatecheck tags for the two pieces. We used the car seat adapter exclusively for the first year and took the car seat on the plane, checking only the base, but once we switched to the stroller seat, I started picking up one of those heavyduty plastic bags from the curbside check-in for checking carseats, which I use to wrap the seat/canopy to keep it clean. Also, we don't travel with the underseat bag, but you'll want to plan ahead and keep it light/empty or leave it home. bon voyage.' -ed.]

Hi! I just ordered a Quinny Buzz stroller and was wondering if there was another infant carseat besides maxi cosi (Preferably one I can buy here in the states) that will attach to it? Thanks, Jenny

New Rock Star Stroller from the Bon Jovi crew is definately living up to the hype. I put it together in no time, easy to steer and the large back wheels are pretty cool. Great design, great price. It is similar to the bug, but I found it to be a little sturdier which is good if your son squirms a lot like mine.

[great Chris, but tell me more about this hype? -ed.]

The wheels have been dramatically improved on the newer Buzz... now with teflon axles or whatever, no more squeeking like the original ball bearing ones. We got free replacements from Quinny and have no more squeek problems


I am just about to buy a quinny buzz (inc dreami and maxi-cosi) from the UK. After trying the bugaboo \ jane etc I like the Buzz.

One quustion, how do you tell the NEW buzz from the OLD buzz. i.e. how do you know you are getting the one with the fixed wheels?



Great site!!!
Another mom crashing the dad site - is that okay (can't find any mom sites that are this juicy and technical)!

My husband and I have read this blog from beginning to end and although our heads hurt - it has all been very helpful. Thank-you to everyone for taking the time to share their info/experiences, etc.

Like everyone else we were hoping to find a good all-around LIGHT stroller for daily walking on city streets. We are quite taken with the Bugaboo Frog but are quite put off by the price tag - about CAD$1,200 including taxes. We've noticed however that some of the US websites seem to be offering them for about USD$729. As we live in Vancouver, we are thinking about making a run for the border to purchase one.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Frog in the Bellingham area?

We too, are also considering the new Rock Star stroller as it seems quite similar to the Frog, except that it's about 6lbs heavier (my husband is a back country skiier and is a stickler for weight)and half the price. If anyone has any opinions/info on this - it would be much appreciated.


You can tell the new Buzz wheels by looking for metal inserts on the inside- ie where you stick the main wheels on the axles should be surrounded by a metal plate with "gear teeth" around its outer edge. If it's all just plastic in there, its old.


We are having our first baby and are considering the Buzz package.

Can anyone tell me until what age the DREAMI CARRYCOT can be used? Can it be used when we are travelling as a nightime travel cot for a 2 -3 month old in our hotel or is it too small?

Also, until what age can the BUZZ seat be used? It says on the website from birth but I don't know if it can be used to 3 or 4 years old... anyone know?
THANKS for all the advice listed on here

I'm debating whether to spring for the Bugaboo - any of them, Frog, Gecko, or Cameleon. Can someone tell me the differences between the 3 and how easy each of them folds down? I saw on the Bugaboo website that you have to remove the wheels - or is that optional? Which one folds the most compactly (and most easily and quickly) and which one is the lightest?

Thanks for your help! This is a great blog - lots of very helpful information.

[they're all about the same. The wheel thing is very optional, though, as in "almost never." folded, the Cameleon is slightly shorter than the others if you shorten the handle all the way, too. I've seen several Geckos on the street the last couple of weeks, and people really seem to like them, too. -ed.]

Joel: Who did you contact to get the replacement wheel from Quinny? Did they ship to the US?

Arto's Interloping mom: Thanks for the shout out.

Wow, great arguments and information here...

My husband checks in regularly to this site and swear by Buzz while I'm still not convinced and still feel that Bugaboo Cameleon is better.

Here's a list of our pros and cons:

He's a scientist and he said that based on his technical background - Buzz feels more sturdy and safe.

I personally tried walking around the store with both and found the Buzz 'stiff' not sturdy.

Buzz small front wheels makes the gravity unstable, making me afraid to use it on old brick pavements (I lived in Lyon, France, a former medieaval town!!) Bugaboo Cameleon glides like a charm!

Bugaboo Cameleon seat can be folded with the chassis - never tried the Frog but I guess this is one problem solved.

I am very small and slim (okay, not nowadays with my pregnancy) - for me, the Bugaboo is much lighter and easier to manipulate and fold/unfold - actually folded it in 2 steps - takes 10 seconds (from big wheels side)!

The trick is to unfold it from the other side (small wheels side) - I seem to feel that this is easier.

Buzz is a pain to fold, you need to push on two different buttons or something, it's hard to push down (my husband and I had to do it together... I know there's a grace period of getting used to it, but compare that to the 10 seconds Bugaboo!)

Buzz springs open but you still have to bend down to unclip the lock - why can't they just put the lock on the handle - like Chicco??

I do not drive nor do I need to drive so a car seat is not a factor in buying decision - maxi cosi is adaptable to both Buzz and Bugaboo anyway if needed

One of my main decision point is to buy a stroller that can be used a lot on those mediaeval pavements without making my baby feels the bumpy ride so Bugaboo is my choice!

My husband's finally (sorta) convinced after this long list... I hope this helps others who's looking into the debate...

Small other factors:

There aren't so many Bugaboos in France so looking like a fashion victim is not a problem - either way, I'm not buying it to look good.

Hi everyone my parents just bought us the quinny buzz for our little one due in a few months. I was wondering if anyone out there found a travel case that would fit this stroller for when we travel on flights. I know the buga boo makes a travel case for their strollers so i was wondering if you found something similiar that i can put the buzz in so that when i check it in i do not end up ruining it.

Thanks would appriciate any ideas

Hi everyone,

yet another mom. I am looking for a stroller for my 17 month old. We have the Maclaren techno xt and she hates it. She only likes strollers high up that she can see, like out jogger. However, I want one that I can take around for walking, to the beach but also have in my car for stores, parks and other uses. I have seriously been considering a bugaboo geko or cameleon. Is she too big??? If people think she can really go in it til age three, I would buy it, since by then I will hopefully have #2, and use it all over again. Anyone have experience with bugabos and toddlers? On their website they have lots of pics of toddlers in the bugaboo.Let me know.

Bugaboo Gecko US$700- bassinet included(Frog will be discontinued in the US, we were told)
Quinny Buzz +-CAD$750 = US$600 with carrycot

I still can not decide between the two. I haven't seen the Buzz yet. But I know where to buy one if we decide to do so:

Sears sells them for CAD$450 and the carrycot CAD$200 plus 14% tax. They do not sell the car seat. Not sure if they ship to the US (I travel to Canada often for business) The car seat we would buy on Amazon.com for US$ 70 (since the baby would use it for short time). The Design 22 - not great looking - is the only US car seat that fits on the Buzz (as I was told by the Buzz distributer on Canada).

After reading all the comments it seems to me the front little WHEELS on the Buzz are a problem...
I guess I'm leaning towards the Bugaboo.

hi again...well i guess i answered my own question about traveling on planes with the buzz. i had asked if anyone found a carry case for it and i did. NOt too sure how it will work as i am still waiting for it to arrive but if anyone is looking for something like i was go to babycenter.com they have carry cases for strollers which i bought and am hoping will work well for my buzz.

ok happy shopping everyone!

Hi everyone - just an added note to my last post here - after going through all the plus and minus once again with my husband, we decided to get a bugaboo cameleon - that's when we saw the Stokke Xplory and decided that it's the best...

We found the Stokke Xplory totally solid with top quality materials - and despite its bulky look it actually folds to almost the same size as the Bugaboo and Buzz!

It is slightly more expensive than the two though, but if price is not an issue than I suggest Stokke instead (we're getting it as a present from our friends and family)

Well I feel inspired to post about my experiences of the day after reading through all this.

Been to see pushchairs at a large UK department store today.

"Nursery advisor" was very keen on the Bugaboo Chameleon, and from seeing her demonstration it really is a fantastic bit of kit.

Easy to fold, very lightweight and compact, very flexible in terms of being either a lie-flat carrycot (good for overnights too) or a pushchair until 3/4 years, and with an all-round quality feel.

We were both very impressed!

£600 gets you the frame with insert to be either a carrycot or a pushchair seat. It seems a lot, but when you consider that it is (probably) the only pushchair you will need, and that the carrycot is good enough quality to replace a Moses basket it looks better value.

Bugaboo also now do a Gecko for £460 which is the same basic design principle, but without the adjustable height handle, without the front wheel suspension, and with lower-grade seat material (rucksack material, not fleece).

Mentioning the Quinny Buzz raised a bit of a sneer. She mentioned that they don't carry the Speedi SX because of too many problems, which wasn't a great start.

Looking at the Buzz, I was struck by how much wider and heavier it is than the Bugaboo, without seeming to be any sturdier. The various buttons and catches are not so easy to use either. The trim on the seat and (optional) Dreami cot is not as good as the Chameleon (more on a par with the Bugaboo Gecko).

Most concerning of all was that the cot tilted upwards at the front when fitted to the chassis. So baby will probably always end up sliding down. Bit of an oversight in design.

All in all disappointing, considering it's £430 for the puschair and cot combined.

I didn't want to like the Bugaboo (I had it down as a fashion statement and not much else), but it's actually a brilliant bit of design that seems to (just-about) justify the high price.

Hi there, have found your site very interesting and sorry guys to have gate crashed your site, but this is very informative and have enjoyed the visit!

I have decided finally on a Zapp for my 2 year old who is still in 12 - 18 month trousers I hasten to add so think that she will get quite a bit of use!

I am in UK and off to USA>Disneyworld in August, do you think this will be ok for the long days ahead? Plane perfect, comfortability not so sure?

Shan, my family will be going to singapore next week. Where can I buy the Quinny Zapp? How much?

I have 2 strollers, 1 Bugaboo Frog and a McLaren Vogue, which I bought used @ Ebay for $108).
in short:

Bugaboo --> Domestic Use (US)
traveling, Local shop/supermarket/quick errants --> McLaren.

BOTH are excellent but for different uses.

There is no such perfect all-purpose stroller.

I found the Britax Zeta travel system to be one of the most lightweight (8.5 Kg), well built, small when folded (100Hx37Wx37D cm), cheap, and complete systems around. It is not, as mentioned, good at everything, but it does most things fairly well.
It also comes with an ISOfix car seat and it is fairly ergonomical. Plus it does look good with the sun canopy on.

Could someone with Quinny Speedi SX experience tell me how it folds? Does the seat need to be removed first? The pictures of it folded just show a chassis and this seems impractical.

I had the Quinny / Bugaboo dilema and ended up getting the Quinny Speedi SX - and while it is a great pram, easy to push, easy to fold (you need to have the break on and then you hold down the tab on the handle while pushing the handle firmly downwards - hope that the person who asked earlier)I do have the following issues with it that make me think I made a mistake.
1 - the seat faces forwards only - while the bugaboo give you te option to have your baby facing you or outwards - and this is a very useful feature - makes it easier to talk, soothe and interact with your child.
2 - The chair is a better design, it appears far more comfortable and the three variable positions are far more eficient than the quinny. You can even use it as a high chair in a restaurant.

hope this feedback helps others.

found your web site tonight
trying to locate Joel delman designer Chicago
lost touch. Want to send him a copy of my new book "Smart Play Smart Toys"

If you can help I would appreciate it
also would like to send you a copy to make available to your readers if you like the book.

Dr. Toy

I couldn't decide between the Buzz and the Gecko so i bought them both and assembled them both for my wife to see. The Buzz is very asthetically pleasing but very heavy in comparison to the gecko. So if you're looking for a light stroller, don't even look in the direction of a Buzz. Also, for those of you who live in Canada the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio will not pass the CSA approval. ( I work in the health and safety sector) so if you are caught using an imported carseat without CSA approval, be prepared to pay a hefty fine. So you are forced to buy the dreamicot to use the QUinny buzz for your newborn which adds another $200.00 to the cost of the Buzz. Needless to say we chose the gecko. Yes it is a bit more expensive ($100.00 more), but atleast you can; buy a car seat with CSA approvals, navigate through narrow aisles, switch handlebar sides at the push of (2) a button, less back pain when lifting car seat out of trunk and last but not least, you spoiled the heck outta your kid for an outrageously priced stroller! I still love it :)

Does anyone have any comments on the Bumbleride strollers, in particular the flyer or the Queen B?

Also, I haven't read this whole site, but I also don't see much about the Bertini or Inlesina strollers. Any comments there?

Thanks for all of the great comparisons of the Buzz and Bugaboo--so helpful!!!

Jane in PA

Phil and Ted are genius with the E3 double stroller. but can anyone tell me whether you can fit a Maxi Cosi infant car seat (the one that fits the Quinny) onto Phil and Teds E3?

thanks, the discussion thread above is unique and practical

We bought the Quinny Buzz for our third child which we found great up until the weather turned hot!!!! Pushchair is only 3 months old and generally stored in the boot of our car. Whilst we were out on the weekend with our 4 month old, we were going up a step with our Quinny Buzz and the front wheel popped off causing the pushchair to topple!! Luckily we had hold of the pushchair! The plastic clip to hold the front wheel in place appearred to have warped in the heat!! Anyone else experienced any similar problems? Weather temp 23C!
1xQuinny Buzz being returned asap!!!!!!!


Hello All!

Here's my question: I own the Quinny Buzz and the Maxi Cosi Cabrio carseat. I've recently lost the ADAPTER BRACKETS that connect the two. Does any know where I could purchase them for replacement. I've tried emailing the Quinny people but have had no luck. Any ideas?

Hi Jerry

Have you tried Ebay for the adapter brackets? I've just seen some on there 9.99 buy it now! Hope it helps!


Hi Jeff!

Thanks for the info, but I must be a complete idiot b/c I can't seem to find them. Could you possibly give me the keywords you used or maybe just paste the link on your reply for me and I'll just copy/paste.

Thanks again!

Hi Jerry

We just put in " Quinny brackets " they come on there quite often, where people don't use the buzz as a travel system! Worth checking regularly if you missed the others!



Jerry the wife has just corrected me it was " Quinny adapters " oops sorry!



I'm getting it in the ear! Its Quinny AdaptOrs - I've just checked myself and there are a few on there!!

Sorry for the mix up!

Good Luck


[nice work, guys. I'll give Jerry a few days to pick some up before posting about the adaptor availability on ebay. People email me about this ALL the time. -ed.]

LOL! Thanks Jeff, and sorry about the earfull =)

Bytheway, the wierd thing is, I look on ebay all the time for these using the same keywords and never come across the Buzz/Maxi Cosi ones. I come acoss the Zapp ones all the time, but not so much on the Buzz kind. I consider myself a skilled ebay searcher, but obviously I'm doing something wrong.

Hi All

We spoke to the shop where we bought our Quinny Buzz, about getting replacement car seat adaptors and they said that if anyone needs replacement adaptors then they should go back to the shop where they originally bought their Quinny Buzz and they (the shop) can order the replacement ones direct from Quinny- approx cost 10 - 15 pounds!!! Apparently they are standard replacement parts from Quinny. Hope this helps everyone!



Is the Bugaboo good for someone who does NOT live in NYC or London? We live in Dallas - 1st baby coming in August - and love the Bugaboo range, but wonder if it's just for urban dwellers. Is it a real pain to put in the trunk of a car?

We're brand spanking new to the whole baby market and dear lord it's confusing! We don't have a car, live at the top of a huge hill with the shops below (typical!)so it's walk, walk, walk! We LOVE the look and features of the Xplory (hubby actually said he'd be seen with this pram) but as we live in Tasmania, Australia we've got no hope of actually seeing one in the flesh let alone trying one out. Can anyone give us an honest opinion of it before we shell out the big dollars? Is it easy to get on/off a bus? It is a workhorse? Sorry for the long post but the price scares us but if it's really all it's cracked up to be we don't mind shelling out. Thanks

Does anyone have experience with the Silver Cross S4? What are the pros/cons? How does it compare to the Quinny Buzz or any Bugaboo? Thanks.

Hi, looking for anyone who has (or test driven) the icandy apple?

[I just posted about the iCandy Apple here; please post experiences and reviews there. thnx -ed.]

I am not a new parent, we used to have PegPerego stroller, this time we bought Bugaboo. It is really silly what some people are saying here that "there are too many bugaboos on the street" so they don't want to be one of too many. I wonder what kind of cars those people drive. I am pretty sure that the same as many poeple on their street, and it doesn't bother them obviously. Anyway, bugaboo is great, it perfectly fit in my MiniCooper, it is so easy to push, and if you assemble it once by yourself there is no problem folding and unfolding it. It is great off road and on the sand, it is extremely comfortable for you and a baby. Quinny looks ok to me, but really nothing special when it comes to features. If you buy a stroller for the look than go with quinny, it's true there are not so many of them, but if you look for a great stroller is will be definitely bugaboo.

Has anyone used the Quinny Buzz on the beach? How does it compare to the Bugaboo on sand? Thanks.

My wife and I are researching our options and have narrowed our choice down to the Mountain Buggy and the Bugaboo. The issue for us is accessibility and convienience. We have permit parking on our street. She drives a jetta and the mountain buggy just fits in. The Bugaboo seems to fit in her trunk easier and it is lighter. We are looking for what will be easiest (when alone with the baby) to put into and take out of the trunk. Also which one would be better for winter?

We were not completely satisfied with our Buzz 2005 model (yes, squeaking, and creaking), but couldn't give up on it because we love its looks. So we bought the 2006 model when it became available. It's perfect. no squeaking. No creaking. Bigger buttons. Alot of improvements from the earlier model. Just make sure you buy the new colours. I don't know if the improvements have been applied to the older colours (e.g. black reflection, navy reflection, etc.)

We have had the Quinny Zapp since birth, daughter is 5 months old now. Zapp has been great, she sleeps for hours in the Cabrio car seat attached to the frame. But she is now about 1 month away from out growing it, so we'll have to go to the Pacific Blue fabric insert, while cool and all, doesn't recline, and she takes all her naps in the stroller, so it's time for a new stroller.

We live in a 4th floor walkup, so the Zapp has been great, tough to replace. The Buzz is too heavy, and the Frog is too hard to collapse everytime we use it. The Frog would be great if we had a big enough apartment to keep it set up all the time, but we don't.

Does anyone know anything about the Buggster? I think this might be the best of both worlds. Or any other suggestions?

We just bought the Buzz 2005 model (because it was on sale @ Sears Canada), i found several problems with it, considering returning the product:

1) my son is 6mths old, he can barely fit the 3 point belt system (he's right on 50 percentile on weight, height, length). I cannot imagine any kid fitting in this stroller. I've called Dorel to see if they have a fix or if it's my fault?

2) The fold DOWN button is not functioning properly, requires too much effort for my wife to fold down.

3) No storage... the ridiculous bag drop on the ground when folded, pretty stupid. Fine you can remove the bag, but the cable for the brake gets right in the way when you try to drop the bag in.

It was a bargain with $100 off (CA$339).

I am new to this blogging, but began reading through a few of the comments - and wanted to add this one thing - regardless of which buggy you all end up with, we thouroughly reccomend the Liquid Holster drink holder - we have two, one for my drink and one to hold my sones drink. we also have friends with bugaboo's who think they are just fantastic also. we got our Liquid Holster on line from Niche Retail. Good luck dads.

Will the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat attach to the Bugaboo strollers? (Frog, Cameleon)? If so, does it use either the Graco or PegPerego adapter or does it require another adapter all together?

[there's a separate Maxi-Cosi adapter, currently only available in EU/UK, but it should be sold in the US shortly. -ed]

Anyone know how to get replacement parts for an older Quinny Buzz? We would like to get the replacement wheels/axles. We bought it 2nd hand so going the original retailer isn't a real option.

Hi, I have become obsessed a bit with strollers... so it seems. My daughter is 9 mos. now and I own 3, but want another. I live in a pretty suburban community but make my way into the city often (via car), and to quaint towns with uneven, sometimes cobblestone paths.

We own a Graco, which I should use in the above situation, but I don't like it and want something better, so I've been using our Maclaren Triumph. With no shock absorption, it's not so great for this purpose. Around our town we use our BabyJogger2, which is FABULOUS.

So, my question for you out there, is what should I get to use for my 9-month old -- in the situation where we drive to the city or a town with uneven sidewalks...? I wanted a Bugaboo (but isn't it a waste b/c I can't use the bassinet) and if it's suspension I want, is the Quinny Buzz not that great (a Bugaboo Cameleon is better?) What do you think? Any suggestions???

I have a Maclaren Techno from my first, 6 years ago, and am needing an update for my 5 month old. I'm thinking of the new Techno because of the great canopy. Doesn't anyone care about getting their children out of the sun? I need lightweight, easy to fold with one hand, reclining for naps, and a decent canopy to protect my baby. Suggestions?

The hydraulics broke on my 2006 quinny buzz that I only used twice. I guess alot of it has to do with it being in the back of my truck rolling and banging around perhaps, but I can not get this fixed! I called dorel and they said I would have to send it to quinny in germany ( where i bought it from). Does anyone have any spare parts?!

Hi there, i was deciding between the new bugaboo bee & the quinny buzz when i came across this website. Anyone tried the new bugaboo bee? advice pls?

Did you see the pricing of the Bee? Of course you get an enormous sun canopy for that money, as an example of its ugly design... Your kid can't look around when sitting up straight, because even the folded canopy is blocking the view. I tried both the Bee and the Buzz, and I prefer the last one. It is much easier to fold and unfold, whatever Bugaboo might say. You can now buy the Buzz in both a 4-wheel and a 3-wheel version, if that might be the reason to choose for Bugaboo. With the 2008 Buzz you get one soft cushion for the youngest children, and an easier to clean and larger one for the bigger children, really nice! Another advantage is that you can use a proper pram on Buzz, while the Bugaboo has only the soft bag-like thing that doesn't look comfortable to me. I’d go for the gas spring Buzz!

I have the 2007/8 buzz, I have to say its great! the memory foam 0-18mnth seat is so great and babies can sleep in it comfortably. The bugaboo's look good but if you ask me the seat unit isnt as nice as the buzz 2007/8 the bugaboo's seat unit is rock hard and deep, which considering you baby will be using when he/she has outgrown the carrycot (3 months) isnt goood. In october this year Dorel uk (quinny) is launching the 4 wheel part to make your 3 wheel buzz into a four and if im correct it is round about £30 including postage. if your worried about storage on the buzz, the shopping basket carries more than you would think there is a clip on change bag that attaches onto the bottom of the frame, great for keeping raincover in. with the quinny buzz you also get wind-stoppers and a mosquito net included. I am obsessed with worrying about my baby being uncomfortable and my baby slept fine in the seat unit at 3 months old and she was small for 3 months.

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