January 12, 2005

Bugaboo Daytrips

We just recently began turning the kid's Bugaboo seat around so that she now faces forward, instead of looking at us the whole time. I have to say, it causes a bit of separation anxiety. Now she's facing the whole world, and I feel like I'm just pushing a cart along the street, not spending time with my kid.

My wife worried that it'd seem like we're showing the kid off, but of course, every other kid in the city is facing forward, and they haven't impressed me. Most of them, in fact, are asleep, with a pacifier, inert accessories that people push around on their own errands.

But not if Bugaboo has its way. They launched Bugaboo Daytrips early last year in the UK, and they have since expanded it to Italy, Spain, and the US (currently New York and LA). Bugaboo Daytrips are "a growing archive of suggested daytrips for parents who want to spend an inspiring day with their child that does not include eating sweets or watching Shrek for the 322nd time."

The first New York daytrip is classically Bugaboo, for better and for worse: it includes 11 destinations all over the city--it's just that "city" here means 59th-to-92nd and Fifth-to-Madison. What's more, it starts at Carnegie Hill and ends at Barney's; if we were to take the daytrip, we'd probably run it backwards, since our apartment is "all the way downtown" (i.e., in the 60's).

My guess: It's no accident the daytrip starts in the neighborhood known for its highly sought-after, family-size, pre-war apartments and its proximity to the city's most competitive private schools: check the warranty registration cards, because that 10-block area has probably the highest concentration of Bugaboogers of anywhere in the world.

Bugaboo Daytrips: NY, LA [bugaboo.us]
Bugaboo Daytrips Worldwide [bugaboodaytrips.com]

[A minor detail: That's Madison, not Sixth Ave. on that there pretty map.]

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