January 12, 2005

Because It's Not How You Sit, It's WHO You Sit For

At least that's the strategy of one CosmoGirl research director, who advertised for a once-a-week babysitter ["Stay-at-home dad needs a break!"] on the CraigsList journalism grad student discussion section.

Hey! I, too, would like to employ an eager, over-educated, over-qualified aspirant to watch the kid for a few hours a week by dangling the faintest unspoken hope that I'll help them with their actual career.

See how it's done at Gawker: J-school job hunt: CosmoGirl needs you!

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In one of Anna Quindlin's books, she talks about how that's exactly what she did when she was trying to break in at the New York Times -- she went through all the babysitting listings and got a job with Lawrence Van Gelder.

See: http://www.barnard.edu/alum/magazine/pastissues/spring03/spring03feature.html

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