January 4, 2005

Cookie: The Magazine For Conspicuous Parenting

While I was out yesterday, Fairchild, the publisher of W Magazine, was reported to be preparing the launch of Cookie, a combination of Child and Lucky magazines "aimed at parents who plan to spend a fair amount of money styling and accessorizing their children."

What is this world coming to? It seemed like just yesterday when children were the accessories.

Fairchild Milks Shopping Genre, Dips Into Parenting Market With Cookie [MediaPost, which bears full responsibility for that headline. via Gawker and Christy]


I'll be really surprised if there isn't at least one more of these magazines popping up in the near future. Junior Magazine has done so well with this niche in the UK that it seems like a no-brainer now that the US middle-class is gone.

Now, if it was called "Slice and Bake Cookie" instead, I'd be in.

By the way, I'm enjoying the site (which I found via Daddy, Papa & Me).

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