January 3, 2005

Stokke, Coco. Coco, Stokke

Courtney Cox and David Arquette have clearly had a visit from Stokke's publicist. Celebrity Babies has a paparazzi photo of Coco's new Xplory, with a gigantic Precious Moments diaper duffle bag jammed under it.

Or, as Patty says, "I thought that weirdo David would have to get one. I was right."

David and Coco Arquette, with nanny, and Stokke Xplory [via Celebrity Babies' new photo blog]


I thought, "How do they know that's the nanny and not Courteney?" But then I noticed the banana clip and high-rise jeans.

Courtney is the little bitty thing in the jeans, with David holding the baby. Thats the nanny and offical stroller pusher. I guess thats all the rage now in Hollywood.

The first thing I noticed was the jeans, too. I was saying "tapered jeans, wide ass? Courtney has really gone downhill!" but then i spotted the stick figure in the background. Whew! It is nice to see a mother taking such an *active* role in her child's life, too.

And is that literally a Precious Moments diaper bag? Like the little figurines with the big weepy eyes? Ugh.

No, I think it just looks like that style.

Its really sad because every time you see Courtney, its like she hates the baby! She waited so long to have her but someone else is always holding her or taking care of her and Courtney never once has smiled in a picture with the kid! Poor Coco!

Haven't you guys seen the pictures of her playing with the baby on the beach? She looks absolutely in love with her.

I'm not sure how much I'd smile, either, knowing photographers were stalking me all the time.

Yeah, good thing I don't have photographers following me around all day, waiting for me to scowl at my kid.

[as for the diaper bag, I only wish it was Precious Moments. It's probably one of those Fleurville things, the ones made from my grandmother's drapes.]

hey does anyone have any comments on the Driver line of strollers from the company Stroll-air. I an thinking about getting the 4XL which is about $500, and I wanted some feedback from any owners out there. Thanks

Well patty, then you didn't see all the pictures of courteney and coco on the beach where she is playing with her and holding her, and always smiling at her! And i'm sure you didnt read the Marie claire interview that Courteney had a few weeks ago, where she is always talking about how much she loves coco, and just cant miss her!
They only have a nanny, because as an actor you dont know when you have to go away, and its alot better they have a good nanny who really cares about coco, then leave coco alone or something!
so dont judge when you dont even know the facts!

[there are about 1 million websites for this kind of back-and-forth snark about celebrity parents, and this ain't one of them. Just sayin' -ed.]

courteney really loves her daughter. you can see it on every photo from courteney and coco.

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