January 3, 2005

Blue Ribbon Brooklyn, 280 5th Ave, Park Slope: YES YES

The bathrooms are "fancy," says DT reader Paul, and one has a changing station. Dinner was "awesome," with "the feel of a fancy seafood restaurant."

NY Mag calls it "the most kid-friendly restaurant in all of New York." Guess they know their Park Slope customer.


Ft. Greene in the house (drank tapwater and shared a burger).

Go for the kid (and dad) friendly john, stay for the bone marrow appetizer.

Interesting. You guys must have gone to the Continental part of Blue Ribbon. At Blue Ribbon Sushi 5th Ave, there was no changing table. Last time I was there I had to change diaper on a wooden chair in the bathroom. Perhaps next time I should go next door to change the baby.

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