December 31, 2004

2005 To Do: The Kid's First Haircut

So next week we're going to get the kid's haircut. Not to gloat or anything, but she's got such a shaggy wig, we're running out of options; it has to be cut. Or styled, or shaped, or evened out, or something. As long as it doesn't involve headbands...

Anyway, after poking around UrbanBaby (where the only thing the moms talked about was how much they tip their own hairstylists), etc., I can't figure out where to go. And especially for a 10-month old kid, who frankly seems kind of young to handle such an operation.

So, where is it? Are there do's and don'ts? Must-haves and must-avoids? Or should I just give in and get a Flowbee?

Update: Baby Mullets. Frightening, but not relevant here. The kid inherited a pretty fierce shelf, probably from me (since it was my haircut in 1984). It's more of Baby Warhol or Baby Flock of Seagulls.


All my friends with girls go to Supercuts. Kids usually don't have very complicated cuts, just bangs and bob, or bob with no bangs. A few have tried the specialty kids' places, but feel they're overhyped and overpriced.

So glad I have a boy so my husband can do it at home.

There are a lot of places that cut children's hair as a specialty. It is great since they have a lot of stimulation for the kids so they can distract them while they cut. One is called Lolicuts. Have a great time :)

If she has even the most mild runny nose, I would suggest a dose of benadryl or a cold medicine - the complete opposite angle as the stimulating environment. Either asleep or as close to it as you can get is my advice. The last thing you want her to do is suddenly turn her head at the wrong moment so she ends up with some baby mullet.

If going in B'lyn, skip that place on 5th Ave.

We took our boy to one of those Supercut type chains. He sat on his moms lap and did fine. Pretty much got him a "Moe" but it looked OK. They didn't charge, gave us a lock of hair and a "First Haircut" certificate.

Not sure if they have one in NYC, but here in Louisville we go to Cookie Cutters. Very child friendly, which is what you want trust me! Since its your daughter's first haircut, you want to make sure she isn't scared, so get a place thats really just for kids and knows how to deal with them.

I was in an adult salon when some woman brought in her child, thinking she'd avoid those child friendly places. The little boy screamed and squirmed so much that the stylished accidently clipped off part of his ear! It was horrible!

Buzz it, baby! Skin is in!

I took my (now almost 12 year old) son for his first haircut on his first birthday. A symbolic journey at best considering he had so little hair the hair dresser could not bring it upon herself to charge me. The kid was nearly bald :) But hey, I wanted some locks for the baby book, and got them as well as some pics.

I'm sure anywhere you go will be fine. Tip well if it doesn't go so smooth ;)

I think it is called Kid Cuts... on 32 or 31 between 3rd and 2nd ave... It's a toy store / haircut place. Kids sit on rocker horses while watching cartoons as a distraction.

We have yet to go, but have passed by many times...

I'm pretty sure that the barbers at astor place cut kids hair. Don't know about little girls - but that's where I plan on taking my son. (He's working on his own "natural" mullet but still too little on the top for a real haircut).

I just got my son's hair cut for the first time last week. We went to a place called 'Cool Cuts 4 Kids.' Pretty much a SuperCuts for children. He got to sit in a little car, and watch Shrek and eat cookies while she cut his hair.

i went to LULU's cuts and toys on 5th avenue in Brooklyn
and my child had a wonderful time. they were patient and
very gentle with my daughter. the saved some locks for me and
gave her a 1st haircut certificate.

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