December 29, 2004

MacGyver A Bugaboo Cup Holder

After acknowledging my warning about slapping a "shop class project" on that expensive stroller, Modern Day Dad has spent a little of his Christmas vacation in the basement workshop, MacGyvering a cupholder for his Bugaboo.

Basically, he filed down one of those fugly Prince Lionheart snap-on Cup Holders to fit under a Bugaboo Bag Clip. There are full instructions and a picture of the finished product/project, which doesn't look that bad, I have to admit.

Being a city guy, with no basement workshop, I have no Dremel (In fact, I had to look it up. It's a rotary power tool. I'm more a DeWalt man myself.) with which to file down--or rout out--the concave surface.

Come to think of it, I don't have a sweeet retro aluminum Christmas tree, either. Suddenly, I'm feelin' the holiday blues. It's enough to drive a man to drink...

Bugaboo Cup Holder, Round One [modern day dad]
Get with the program and buy a Dremel Multipro kit with 77 accessories at Amazon, $72.99
Next year, we're gettin' a vintage aluminum tree from Kitschmasland

Previously on Daddy Types: Where all the decent cup holders at?


There is one that fits on the Bugaboo and works well. I forget the name, but its sold at the Juvenile Shop in LA. I'll look it up.

The aluminum tree comes from Yuletide Expressions ( It isn't vintage but it looks great, especially with the vintage ornaments I scored from my mother in-law.

A Dremel set is the perfect "City guy" tool set. It's so small, we can never find it.

lololol. you should trademark that.

(Then send me a letter telling me not to use it on the site.)

I recently saw a floor-model Bugaboo with a BOB handlebar console strapped to it. It didn't look so good, wasn't exactly the right shape for it, and I know BOB says somewhere on their site that it is not supposed to be used on it, but if you really needed it you could make it work. That is, if you're dremel-ly challenged.

I recently found a cup holder originally made for motorcycles that I was able to jury-rig to fit my Bugaboo! It's actually pretty cool because it folds out of the way and doesn't look cheap.Since it's actually for motorcycles,I thought you macho daddy types would approve!

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