December 28, 2004

Kid to Dad: RTFM

a simulated RTFM infant bodysuit, by daddytypes.comYou'd think we'd learn by now. It seems that every time the kid starts wigging out, or when we get frustrated with something she's doing--or not doing--we puzzle over it for a while, then we (ok, my wife) checks Brazelton. After a few minutes of reading, we start to feel like we're on The Truman Show: Parents Edition.

The last few weeks it's been sleeping and eating. Putting the kid to sleep was like trying to get a Weeble to lay on its side; it takes seemingly endless trips back into her room, where we find her standing there, waiting for us to put her back down.

And food? During the holidays, when we see the country cousins (hi!), whose kids are all eating casseroles hot dishes or Big Macs or whatever, meanwhile, our kid would sooner starve than eat anything but rice cakes and Cheerios...And I end up giving her a bottle sometimes because, frankly, it's easier for me...

Anyway, it's all in there. All these behaviors, put in the kid's context-- the search for boundaries, the development of a sense of independence--and fleshed out with research findings, etc.

She still doesn't eat her carrots, but hey, I'm feeling better about it.

The Book: Brazelton's Touchpoints: Birth-to-3
The T-shirt: RTFM, via Thinkgeek (inexplicably not available in kid sizes)
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