December 24, 2004

Have Yourself A Smokin' Little Christmas

Man, are we out of practice. We're in DC for Christmas and went to brunch in Adams Morgan. Giant coffee shop/cafe, a couple of children scattered about, no problem.

The kid stayed in her carseat on her stroller, and we parked in some sofas. No sooner did we order than my wife makes a face. What? The eyes point behind me. What? D'oh! The guy next to us is smoking.

Looking around, everyone was smoking. BECAUSE WE WERE SITTING IN THE SMOKING SECTION. I felt like a Jew in a bacon factory. (Or a Jew on Christmas Eve Day, perhaps?)

Anyway, more than us being so out of practice at just hanging out, I think it's just a New York thing. See, in New York, we don't HAVE restuarants with smoking sections anymore; and we've banished all our smokers to alleyways and street corners. Meanwhile, if you want to smoke, come to DC. Our seats'll be free in about 10 seconds.


Trust me, you have seen NOTHING until you come to Kentucky. Here people smoke all over the place, they even have smoking lounges in airports and schools. Tobacco is big business here, sadly. I hate the smell.

This is one of the reasons I stopped going to Tryst....

Aaarrggh, we know the feeling. Visiting the grandparents in the Netherlands. The whole family went out in the cold weather and inevitably needed a hot coco to de-frost. So, off we go into a cafe. I guess the fog coming out of the door should have clued us in...
After 6 years in California it's a rude awakening.

BTW. Have been drooling over the Quinny Zapp ever since we got here. It's the best... I want one, I need one. Strollers here are out of control, can we just buy them all?

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