December 20, 2004

A Tray For The Stokke Kinderzeat

Poking around on ebay Germany, I found not only enough slightly used and vintage Stokke Kinderzeats (they're called Tripp Trapp outside the US; thanks to DT reader JJ for the tip), but this very cool-looking tray that slips right over the top of the chair.

One of the things we like about the Kinderzeat is that it slides right up to the table and really helps the kid feel involved in the family. Of course, it also makes us feel really involved in her throwing food around, which she's started to do lately. I can totally see the occasional benefits of a tray.

I can't find any examples for sale in any finish but natural. It's rarity--and the preponderance of auction listings for it--makes me wonder if it's a third-party accessory with limited distribution. That said, the German online store Babyladen carries it for EUR 35.99, which, if you could get them to ship to the US, would be approximately one million dollars at current exchange rates.

[Actually, the shipping weight is 4kg, or around 9lbs, and they'd charge EUR 14 to ship to the UK, so there's your benchmark. Or you could bring it back yourself from your next trip to Europe.]

Stokke Tripp Trapp search results on [hint: tray/table=tisch]
Clic-Clac tray for the Stokke Kinderzeat/ Tripp Trapp []
Buy a regular old US Stokke Kinderzeat at Amazon or babystyle.
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