December 16, 2004

NYMag Tries, Fails, To Conceive

Amy Sohn tries shooting fish in a barrel--how smug marrieds annoy their child-free friends--but all she hits is her reflection; her whole story's based on her self-absorbed extrapolation of a passing comment, "we've lapped you," made by a new mom/friend she ran into at a restaurant.

And meanwhile, if people are actually calling Young Urban Daddies "Yuddies," which I seriously doubt/pray to high heaven they're not, Sohn gets credit for being the word's first Google citation.
This kind of attempt at media branding-driven coinage should be strangled in its crib.

The Smug Marrieds' Club
Oh, that reminds me: a "daddy type" t-shirt would make a lovely holiday gift!

1 Comment

I'm going to have to agree with you there . . . Yuddies is the dumbest shorthand I've heard in a while. And being a "Young Hip Daddy", I'd like to think that's not a term being leveraged against me.


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