December 14, 2004

Nativity Sets

smores_nativity_set.jpgOK, when I was a little kid, I had a fascination with nativity sets, so one Christmas, like every great aunt in the world sent me a nativity set. Well, Grammy just sent the kid her first set, from Fisher Price, and while she loves it, and it's appreciated, I have to ask, "When did Fisher-Price hand over the design reins for all their toys to Precious Moments?"

So if you're going to buy a nativity set, why not this one, made out of S'Mores? Santa Maria! Because it's $20. Plus, I think someone's going to hell for melting Baby Jesus.

Fisher Price Nativity Set [out of stock at]
Suspiciously similar Precious Moments Nativity Set [$140?? Sacre Bleu!]
S'Mores Nativity Set [, or your own crafty cupboard, via boingboing]


Nothing like the holy family floating around in a cup of hot cocoa. Talk about having the holy spirit inside of you.

If you're looking for a nativity that's not so tacky you could get one of the handcrafted ones from SERRV:

The felt one is cute, but I like the carved wooden ones better. My son loves the camel caravan, too. All the stuff is made by artisan collectives in developing countries, instead of a megaconglomerate toy company.

Just one caveat, don't buy anything made from exotic or tropical hardwood, its equally negligent and environmentally ruinous.
Mind you, this is just one persons politically skewed opinion...

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