December 14, 2004

Awesome Wooden Swedish Car From Playsam

playsam_streamliner_rally.jpg< SPOILER ALERT> We just bought the kid this car for Christmas. It's from a Swedish company called Playsam, which makes all kinds of sleek wooden toys for kids, adults and executives. (Are those three categories mutually exclusive?) This two-person model is called the Rally, part of the Streamliner collection, which includes a one-person and an iconic no-person model. The people are small, so we're planning to put them away until the kid gets through her choke-hazard phase.

Anyway, the wife had been planning to get the kid the car in order to counter the gender bias of the category of the toys. [enough...], and because it seemed like an appropriate time for toys that move and that encourage something besides chewing or knocking over.

We got our Streamliner at Kid-o, where they're $38-45. They're also available online directly from Playsam for $ $27 shipping via Swedish Post. Break out that Metrocard.

Kid-o [Um, we actually bought that shirt, too. Now I'm a little embarassed.]
[update: duh, the no-people version is also online at Sparkability, at lower-than-shipping-it-from-Sweden prices]

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I never understood why cars were considered 'boy's toys.' Nearly ever kid I've ever met likes to push around toy cars. I'm sure your little girl will love it.

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