December 13, 2004

Toys R Us Times Square Stroller Pool?

In the last 24 hrs, I've seen three people in Midtown pushing giraffe-print umbrella strollers. On closer inspection, they have logos for Toys R Us Times Square and babytrend, and a barcode decal on the handle. That's as much as I could see before an angry woman chased me away from her stroller.

Any idea what's up? Are they rentals? Loaners? Or are they community strollers, like those bikes in Amsterdam?


Up here in Connecticut, Babies R Us gave us a free umbrella stroller when we spent $50 or more. That was a few months back. The wee one is too wee for it still, so we never unwrapped it. Don't know if it is Babies R Us themed...

Kaz pegged it. They're the stroller version of the hospital formula diaper bags. And they're pretty handy for that stage when you don't want to gate-check your real stroller but need a luggage cart to wheel through the airport.

There are coupons in their circular for free things when you spend so much. We opted for the free baby monitor and gave it to my parents.

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