December 6, 2004

Trailer Trash Baby Clothes On The Upper East Side

It's not all Bugaboos and pre-school admissions consultants up there, you know. According to the help at L'il Ricky's, the former drag queen makeup store, plenty of Upper East Side moms [and seriously, do men shot at L'il Ricky's? No. Not even the drag queens shop there anymore.] are having a blast by dressing their kids in t-shirts and bodysuits printed with trailer trash humor:

"I love it," said Leslie Myers, a 33-year-old Manhattan mom who cracked up when she saw a "My Mom Puts Out" shirt. "But I'll bet my husband wishes it was true."
Yeah, that, and that you didn't just say it to a reporter.

Shock & 'Aw...' for Baby Duds [NYDN, via Jen]

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Infantwear some people may find inappropriate

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