December 6, 2004

Strollers With Reflectors

reflector_tape.jpgNow that it gets dark earlier, and I'm pushing a dark-colored stroller ahead of me, I think about reflectors. Neither the Bugaboo nor the Maxi-Cosi car seat has any reflectors. [Of course, why would a car seat have safety reflectors? It's supposed to be in a car.]

Anyway, the following strollers come with safety reflectors, usually as reflective strips along the side of the stroller seat or hood:

  • Maclaren Techno XT {hood) - $290 at babystyle [does the 25% off until 12/12 apply?]
  • Maclaren Mac 3 (hood) - $250, on sale anyway at babystyle
  • Jeep Wagoneer Limited Duo (useless-looking little reflectors on the front of the footrest? Dude, no one's gonna miss that thing coming straight at them] - $170 at babiesrus/amazon
  • Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller (also on the footrest, but on the sides this time. still, more decorative than functional.] - $100 at babiesrus/amazon
  • Teutonia Y2K2 [somewhere, but I can't see them. Plus, fixed front wheels.] - $189, on closeout, from $350, at

    Of course, you could candycane your stroller up with this $13 roll of red/white DOT-spec reflective tape, or take a click through's virtual reflective tape mall--and light the rig up like a freakin' Christmas Tree.


    My husband has not only decorated our stroller with reflective tape, he has also outfitted it with two red bicycle tail lights and a headlight. Mr. safety!

    Excellent tip, especially for those of us in urban areas where strollers get heavy street workouts instead of just being used in the mall.

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