December 6, 2004

Pet Stroller

pet_stroller.jpgIf the Improvements Pet Stroller looks tiny, that's because you're supposed to hunch over when you push it. Very slowly. Because you're 90 years old. And it's an improvement from sitting in your house all day, waiting for the Meals on Wheels guy to show.

Includes a cup holder and--even though you gave up driving at night years ago--safety reflectors.

Improvements Pet Stroller, $129 at

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The post is a little sarcastic, but there are some very reasonable people who have purchased and user pet strollers. That can be great for traveling, trips to the vet, cats and dogs with certain types of injuries, and teacup dogs who cannot be walked very far, among other purposes.

Back when this was originally posted in 12/2004, there was really only a brand or two of pet strollers on the market, but since then the numbers of brands and styles has greatly increased and so have sales. We sell them out of our store and online, and we get a ton of positive feedback.

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