December 2, 2004

Dingo, Schmingo. It's The Coyotes I'm Worried About

While, with a few exceptions, a nation chuckles at Dingo-eating-baby jokes, I doubt "Coyote Snack" would make a popular T-shirt in the rolling hills of Austin, TX.

Please refer to suggestion #8 on the City of Austin's "Ten things residents can do to help the [urban coyote] situation immediately."

Thanks to excellently named DT reader Ponch Garcia for keeping our babies safe in the brush.
Urban Coyotes [City of Austin]
Related: News from Canadian front in the coyote/baby conflict [Vancouver Province, 2001]

1 Comment

Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that tee shirt:

(I just bought the "for sale by owner" one for my kiddo.)

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