December 2, 2004

California Baby Lotion, Shampoo, &c.

california_baby.jpgMy wife showed up one day with this travel-sized assortment of shampoos and creams from California Baby. As far as the bottles go, so far, I've only used the shampoo and bodywash in the kid's bath, but it's pretty nice stuff. Gentle, smells nice. Organic. [But isn't everything these days? Actually, no. The 2-pack of 64-oz Johnson's babywash we received 10 months ago from a very kind, Costco-shopping colleague is not organic. We're 60% through the first bottle, btw.]

But my favorite is the little tub of moisturizing cream, which we've been putting on her nose and cheeks while she's had a cold. It works great, plus its clean, French lavender aroma is very evocative. It reminds me of the soap they used to have in the bathrooms on Delta Air Lines.

California Baby Basics Tote, $12.50 []

Previously: Aromatherapy for Kids, includes a proper dressing down by aromatherapy fan (and aromatherapist spouse, I believe), sometime BloggingBaby contributor, and new dad (congrats!) Gudlyf.

Completely unrelated: Did someone say Tupac?


Hey thanks man. I should be posting to BB more in the future, once my wife is well (breast infection -- ugh) and I'm back at work.

The California Baby 30+ suncreen is wonderful, also, the only truly fragrance-free sunscreen I've ever found (uses micronized zinc oxide). And the diaper spray is spendy but a staple of the diaper bag and nursery for us.

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