December 1, 2004

Who the hell are you people? Er, I mean, Welcome!

Site traffic's jumped about 40% in the last couple of days, and I can't for the life of me figure out where you new folks are coming from.

Did everyone hear about Daddy Types from your cousin-the-new-dad over Thanksgiving, or was it the sheer boredom of the holiday weekend that prompted you to finally surf on by?

If you're a new visitor to Daddy Types, please take a second and tell me how you found out about the site, because I've apparently got some palms to grease somewhere.

Oh, and in the mean time, thanks for stopping by, and good luck/congratulations, whichever fits your situation.


Love the site. I don't remember how exactly I stumpled upon it, but it's inspired me to start a family blog of my own. (Not that I'm exactly a trendsetter there) At any rate, I drop by just about everyday to see what's new. Keep up the great work.

Hi, I follow your site regularly and am the webmaster at

If you don't have something in place already, you may want to try the free version of Site Meter on your pages. It should help tell you where people are coming from.

I learned about your blog from The Zero Boss blog

a yeti told me.

My mother-in-law e-mailed me, one of the few useful things she's ever passed along that way.

[names have been changed to protect the innocent. -dt.]

I check the home page on occasion to see what other people are reading. Yours just happened to be recently linked. So, I kept reading...

Angela's seven months with our first, so I was looking for advice. I think I've read the whole thing by now. I check at least once daily. It's really been a big help.

The Spambots told me to come here. Or maybe it was Gary of Science
Fiction Twin
who pointed out the link to the Barney / Tupac video.

I've got three Barney fans in the house (Barney Fans Are in Da House!!) and damn that was good.

I can't remember how I found your blog. I've been reading it for a while. I've been encouraging my boyfriend to read it -- he's recently become a Daddy Type himself.

I found this site from BetterShorter.

Finding so many good blogs, I'm spending too much time reading all of them...

You came up under a search for Stokke Xplory. And that is how this all started, my love affair with this site. I am not a daddy I'm a mommy but I still laugh my ass off.

Hey, she's knows I'm only kidding!

[we'll see. His real name is Buck, ma'am. -dt.]

When i found out my wife was expecting twins, I realized I needed to get on the ball. Cuz it's all about gadgets, right?

Great site, i don't see a need to start my own blog, I'll just send you stuff. :)

I really am at a loss for how I came across your site. Being a new Manhattan dad myself, time morphs into one large coagulated lump of fun. I believe that I ventured here via another blog, via another blog, via another blog, but it escapes me. Either way, thanks for the updates and inspiration.

Oh wait, it just came to me, I came here based on the stroller mafia posts a little while back, of which my wife is a potential new recruit (once the Quinny Buzz and Zapp order arrives from Europe in January).

Either way, I'm clicking links, and doing my best to support the cause.

Turtle Bay Represent!

A journalist from a german newspaper told me.

Thanks for the responses so far. I was kind of hoping to hear that A-Rod or someone had mentioned the site on Sportscenter, but this is pretty interesting, too,

Actually it was Derek Jeter.

Who mentioned you on Sportcenter.

Westchester Represent!

I think it was trixieupdate where I first found you a few months ago. The articles in the last NYT magazine got me thinking about the site again recently, and visiting more often. Good stuff.

I've been visiting the site daily for a few months now. My wife gave me the info after our daughter was born in March. It's a great site.

I too found this site looking for info on the Stokke Xplory.

I think my wife got the link from a site she reads (Dooce?). Anyway she gave it to me shortly after I became obsessed with the Bugaboo Frog.

I was trying to find a Jack Spade bag. Your rant about the evil Kate Spade Maclaren popped up as well. I'm now a regular reader.

I was searching on google for stollers and ended up here. I now feel at home with other similer minded people.

i am a mama, but i love the artistic sense behind it all. the giggles i get are fab too.
as an interior architect i have a hard time secumbing to the 'traditional babies and bear themes', basic necessities are all a baby + mama need. this site and all of it's stories are cool.
i love nyc + hate to say it - sebastien ethan + i are from toronto. i read half the time because i crave the nyc. or its linked from the

my wife and i stumbled onto the site looking for kids clothing. just, i still looking around at it all. good to know i am not the only at home dad out here...

serendipity really...I was searching for opinions on strollers like many other new dads/dads to be (and several from nyc) and after several weeks and days of long frustrating- and fruitless labor (picture the agony: asking highly skilled salesdrones at buy buy baby and like for feedback), plugged "quinny zapp" into my google search bar last night and i am. i think i may stick around...impressive site, and the threads on strollers have been very useful. i will report back in a few weeks with my up close and personal stroller experiences. thanks for hosting us.

I found your site when I googled Quinny Zapp or was it Buzz. One of those. Also you'd been mentioned on UrbanBaby--someone said they liked reading your site.

I found this site through the BOB awards and some other site. Anyway, I started reading because I was curious about stay-at-home dads. Occasionally I get interests that I cannot shake until I sate them. This was one such interest. I will not be dealing with children or even marriage for a long time I'm sure, but my curiousity is still there. The site is a fun read as well.

I found the site from my sister-in-law who thought it would be interesting for me as it is in English. I'm an American living in Germany and so don't find much for new fathers in English.

I found it doing a search for the Stokke Xplory.

My wife told me to check out your site. She found it through a search at google for "baby stuff for fathers". Haven't had a chance to look around yet but... I expect good things.

I googled bugaboo, again..

I was doing a search for relationship books for guys on Amazon and this site came up as a sponsored link.

I had also googled the Quinny Zapp and must say I'm happy where it took me. Great site and keep up the good work!

I found you through and I found them because I was looking for Podcasts.
My compliments for your site! I'll be back 8-)

I Googled "'baby clothes' 'wifebeater'". Go figure.

I googled "baby wifebeater onesie"! Thats pretty strange...for one that someone other than me thinks their baby would look good matching daddy in his undershirt (polo of course, couldnt find the baby polo version, but i did find some plain ones) but also that the results of that search are linked to you. Do you have some friends in the hip hop baby clothing industry?

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