December 1, 2004

Ringing The Bell For Babystyle

If just 999,993 more Daddy Types readers do their holiday shopping at, I'll be able to pay for the kid's first year at Harvard in 2023. [Of course, she's dived off the bed so many times already, she'll be lucky to make it into Brown, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.]

Anyway, babystyle's doing their part by offering friends and family (and readers of websites of former Disney colleagues of the founder) a whopping 25% discount on online purchases. The deal's good through 12/12, and you need to enter the coupon code SHARE142 at checkout to get it.

But if it's 25% off, you divide by 0.75, carry the 1--1,333,324 people? Looks like a state school for you, kid!]

Shop around babystyle's friends and family 25% off "event" []
They sell Bugaboos, too, you know, and it's not like those Cameleons are coming in any time soon...

1 Comment

Thanks for the discount link, Greg. We'll put it to good use for the holidays. Alas, the Bugaboo is not eligible for this offer.

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