November 30, 2004

Random Name Generators

The random names generated by spammers seem as good a pool as any to look for baby names. You could either sift through your inbox, or use an online random name generator. I think John Cage would approve.

Mike Campbell's Behind The Name allows you to select various national and cultural name pools, as well the number of middle names.

Meanwhile, August Kleimo (not a spam name) took the raw data from the 1990 US Census and created a random name generator that allows you to ratchet the poularity from 1 (very common) to 99 (totally obscure). It'll spit out up to 30 names at a time.

Or you could just name him Vi~c0d !n.

Behind The Name []
Kleimo's Random Name Generator []
Adding spice to spam? Phony names pique interest [NYT via IHT]

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and let's not forget the Hawaiian name generator:
the Hobbitt name generator:
and the Wu-Tang name generator:

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