November 30, 2004

Nissan Cube^3


OK, laugh all you want, but I would buy one of these Nissan Cubes in a second if they ever sold them here. Turns out the Scion B is only the US-legal tip of the Japanese box-car iceberg. The current Cube is a highly successful third-generation design, one of literally dozens of funky-but-great-looking Japan-only family cars that are mini on the outside while feeling reasonably spacious on the inside. [For size comparison, even the Scion is kind of big compared to some of these cars; the rest make a Honda Element feel like a Cadillac Escalade.]

While we were in Japan last August, I started cataloging all the ones I liked, and the Cube was near the top of my list.

Anyway, Autoweek reports that Nissan is considering bringing the Cube to the US as part of a small-car push, and that it might cost as little as $13-14,000 base. "Our target is Generation Y - children of Generation X - aged between 20 and 25 years old," said Norio Matsumura, Nissan's marketing chief.

That's great, Norio, but you should put down that Autoweek and pick up a copy of Adweek instead. Gen Y are the people who barely didn't make the age cut for Gen X they're the ones Gen X'ers try to hook up with. The 20-25 year olds you're targeting in 2006 are the Baby Boomers' kids, aka the Echo Boomers. And anyway, you sell a car that good that cheap, and your main buyers'll be a bunch of empty nest Boomers and grandparents, which'll throw your whole demo off anyway. That's what happened to the Element.

Nissan to target under-25 buyers with inexpensive, new small car for U.S. [Autoweek, via Jalopnik]
The Influence of The Toaster On Japanese Car Design []
Badass Buddy Icons and The Honda Element []


Since I bought a car that was firmly marketed to 16 - 24 year old males*, ie: Honda Element, I'm sure I also threw their demographic way off. And that cube is SUPER! I'd buy one.

*I'm a 33yr old sahm. :)

I'd like to be the first in San Antonio to own a Cube. Hopefully, late 2006? I'm 38. Sorry junior, you are getting the minivan. My Vanity plate: CUBE

AUGH!! I love nissan but I want a car now. I'm torn between Scion xB and the Nissan Cube.

I think if Nissan Cube have better mpg, sun roof, and a quiet and power engine I would be willing to wait a year.

I'm pretty sure the Nissan Cube mpg is better than the Scion xB since it weigh about 2100 pound.

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