November 29, 2004

Gecko Fabulous: Bugaboo Kicks It Old Skool

While the ladies are trying all the different colors on their Bugaboo Cameleons, the taller brothers will be standing tall with the extendable handles on their...Bugaboo Cameleons.

So who's left to give props to the Bugaboo Gecko, the other replacement for the Frog? Average-height folks who appreciate the innovative essence of Bugaboo's brand. Pared down in many ways, the Gecko is designed to be a simpler, less-ostentatious, more economical Bugaboo. It's a Bugaboo from the block.

There's no riot of color combinations--just black, red, and green. And the all-aluminum frame has a techy, design-y feel. In fact, the Gecko's profile and seat positioning bear a strong resemblance to the first Bugaboo, Max Barenburg's 1997 prototype for the Cologne Design Fair.

gecko_green.jpgWhen the Cameleon is described as "larger," they no doubt mean "larger than the Gecko." No idea yet how the new models compare in size to the Frog.

One other characteristic of the Gecko customer: they never go up stairs. The Gecko does away with the crossbar carrying handle. No big deal: in no time, I'm sure you'll find an innovative way to carry it, and your kid will find an innovative place to chew. But while the Gecko might suck at stairs, I'm pretty sure it can climb walls with ease.

No word yet on availability, accessories, or price, except that the Cameleon is "larger."

Check the Official Bugaboo site for updates.
[12/1 update: Bugaboo US contacted me and asked me to remove the previous links. Apparently, it's not yet Gecko season in The Netherlands (more like jump-the-gun season).]

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Uhm, what's the difference between the Gecko and the C(h)ameleon? Between those two and the Frog? I can't tell - at all.

Of course, Bugaboo is over anyway. If the girl weren't coming in the next three weeks, we'd be waiting for the Buzz, anyway. In the world of couture, which, after all, is wherein the Bugaboo has lain, you've got to come out with something really new each time - not something sort of new. Clearly, Bugaboo is coming out with something almost not new at all.

Not that the metaphor fits perfectly, but, please do remember that Ted is part of United and, thus, sucks ass, also.

I should note - we own an orange Frog, pretty much because Greg told us to buy one.

At least you got one you can carry.

I think Bugaboo's looking to expand their market with these strollers, not just go after the same early adopters who bought the Frog.

They must feel the original concept still has legs, so to speak, otherwise they wouldn't be refining it, they'd be replacing it.

Of course, the high-end stroller market they defined a few years ago is different, more crowded now, so it'll be interesting to see how they're received.

Any word on what month the new models will be available? Any chance in the next 10 weeks? Would love to know before we make our purchase.

Re: the Quinny Buzz... Looks fab, and we'd love to be the new kid on the block w/ the new toy on the block, BUT for the fact that it's well over 28 lbs and offers no tech support or repair available in the USA.

The Quinny Zapp is also cool, but at the same lbs as the Bugaboo, it has too few features, no recliner, no bassinet, no cusions..... should be 11 lbs instead of 19 lbs...

not a clue. but I doubt they come before they have time to sell down existing inventories, maybe 2-3mos. Unless the anticipation's killing you, you could wait a bit; you don't really do anything/go anywhere the first couple of weeks anyway...

plus, there's always ebay.

Citygirl, get the Frog and then when the Gecko and Cameleon come out sell your Frog on Craigslist or Urbanbaby. (And I totally feel your pain--we had to buy the convertible carseat 2 months before the Britax Marathon came out, so I'm now stuck with a Roundabout that only goes up to 40 pounds and a 40 pound 2 1/2-year-old. So I'm going to have to buy yet another freaking seat before we get to the belt-positioning booster. And we don't even have a car.)

I believe it comes out in Feb. I will try and find out today, after work.

Today I I found out from Bugaboo that the new models will not be available in the US until the second half of 2005, possibly as late as Sept/Oct. Boo hoo! Will have to send a friend to Belgium to pick one up for us!!! ;-0 (It'll be released there first, in jan/feb).
Greg, what do you think is the resale value for a 6-month old bugaboo?

Do you have their email? I want to find out when they will be available in Europe?

Got this from Bugaboo today:

The new Bugaboo models: Gecko and Cameleon will be available in The Netherlands in January. In the rest of Europe and in the US, they will be launched in the second half of 2005.

I wonder if the new models will be compaible with the Graco and Preg car seats? I should hope so.

Quinny Zapp and Maxi-Cosi Cabrio are the best combination for us... We never use our Frog. Wanna buy it?

Just to let you know that although it isn't featured on their website, sell and ship the bugaboo cameleon. 789 euros. shipping to the UK is 53 euros. not sure about the US.

For those who can't wait for the cameleon's wide release there are currently two on Ebay, but the bidding war is on...and one has a buy it now of over $1200.

Thanks for the tip about having bugaboos. However, their shipping to the US is high, I was going to get a Buzz from them but they quoted approx. $180 to DC, making it the same cost as a bugaboo or Xplory. Any advice on these three, I can't decide.

Ordering from the Netherlands to get the new Gecko and Cameleon stroller seemed like a good idea until a couple of the "friends" that also went in on the order decided they can't afford the strollers, leaving me to sell them off. I thought Ebay would be a good start, but they keep pulling my listings for "copywrite infringement" even though I took actual photos of the strollers and types all the test in the ads myself. What has happened to free enterprise??! Anyway, if anyone out there is looking, I already have a couple of these sitting here ready to be used and a couple more on the way before Mid july. Help me recoup the costs I should have gotten written in blood from the other "members" in our group order! Thanks.

The Gecko and Cameleon will both be available in the US at the end of August. The Gecko will cost $600 and the Cameleon will cost $800.

[where'd you hear that? Previous reports after the JPMA talked about $679 and $879. -ed]


1. What do you have for sale? A Gecko or a Cameleon?
2. What about colours?
3. How much are willing to sell them?


For the Canadians out there, I was at a store that told me the Cameleon will be priced at $1,250 CDN...and the Gecko at $950. According to the store, the North American debut of the Cameleon will be September, and the Gecko in November.

In response to Mike's questions - I have a Cameleon - Red Base/Sand Tailored Fabric sitting in my front room that I would love to ship to someone. It is brand-new, the box hasn't even been opened. Cost is $900 and I will ship UPS ground with tracking (5-7 days depending on your distance from me. THanks!

I bought my cameleon at, they have a chart that explains the full difference between the Gecko and Cameleon. They also offered me a free 2nd day air. They were very helpful with all of my questions about the differences of the strollers.

I own a kids store and sell a lot of Bugaboos. I will say it is still the best looking and best made stroller out there.

I think the Chameleon will do well and the Gecko will soften the >$700 price worries of some parents (eventhough the price is still not much less). As a seller of these strollers, I find that once a customer is educated on the true benefits, ease of use and functionality of the stroller the price becomes a lot less of a factor.

Either way, if anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to help out. I will leave my store name off this post, but having said that I offer free shipping and no tax provided I am shipping out of state.

New to the site and to strollers.
Just wondering if anyone knows if the Buzz is compatiable with any other infant carrier besides the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio?
I am a bit concerned tht it is not UAS approved in Canada.
Does anyone have any more info on this?

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