November 25, 2004

Um, Happy Thanksgiving?? Don't Read This

No, seriously, don't read this.

Reacting to the news at City Hall, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said, "I don't know how anybody could do things like that, but that's the world we live in."
At least save it for tomorrow.


What does Mikey boyo mean with that? Sounds like he shrugs his shoulders and just walks on. Heartless b'stard. But then again, why am I not surprised...

no kidding. Must be a cheerful time around the old Bloomberg table on Thanksgiving.

This is worse:

With a calm and dispassionate voice and a hymn playing in the background, Dena Schlosser confessed to the unthinkable, telling a 911 operator she'd cut off the arms of her baby girl.

Baby Dies After Her Arms Are Severed

holy smokes.

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