November 24, 2004

Prairie Babies Boardbook

prairie_babies.jpgWhen he's not dispensing disturbingly hilarious and spot-on advice, Matthew over at Defective Yeti is reading Prairie Babies to his kid.

According to him, baby woodchucks are called chucklings. And according to the review, the book provides "reassuring and comforting
images" of "animal babies with their moms and other caretakers." [emphasis mine, because, seriously, having to read about how easy it was for prairie dogs to find a good nanny makes me want to get my wack-a-mole mallet out.]

and, because no one can write just one children's book anymore, Desert Babies, and Forest Babies.


Prairie Dawgs, in the red states, are just good eatin.

I'm "orderin" this book.

Angela and I saw The Incredibles, and there's a scene where the babysitter is trying to console Elastigirl. She said she bought a Mozart CD because babies love Mozart. Is this true? Did you play music for your kid in utero?

Forest Babies is the best of the three, with the most colorful pictures.

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