November 20, 2004

A Babysitter Overheard On The 1/9 Train

A posse of high-school age kids riding the 1/9 train downtown yesterday. The boys all looked alarmingly like Hanson. The lone girl wore her skirt over her jeans and explained about the babysitting gig that was going to keep her from going out tonight (Saturday):

Sitter: No, I've gotta babysit. The boy I babysit? He's three? And his family's like really rich? And he's got a floor all his own: a bedroom, a bathroom, a toy room, and a TV room.

Hanson: I don't even have my own room!

Sitter: Last time? His parents were all, "He'll be asleep, so you don't even have to do anything." And then when I got there, he saw his dad's Coke and was like, "I want it!" And the dad like gave it to him? because they give him anything he wants? And he was up until 10, and I had to chase him around the whole time.

Hanson: Is this the second time you're sitting for them?

Sitter: No, the third. The first time, he pulled out my nose piercing.


I have to say this gives me hope for the children of the future. The girl at least knows little kids shouldn't have Coke or they'll be up all night! The family who lives upstairs from us apparently hasn't figured that one out yet. The family I work for in the Village has certainly never figured that one out either... Will bedtime come back in vogue?

LOL, the dad probably did it on purpose to get his moneys worth out of the babysitter!

Why do rich people raise their own children anyways, weren't they supposed to hire other people to do it for them?

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