November 17, 2004

As if Stroller Skis Weren't A Steal At Retail...

stroller_skis.gifIf the only reason you've been holding off on getting a set of stroller skis is because they seemed like an indulgent luxury this is your day. No sir, just because you like to save a dollar when you can, you no longer have to lug your stroller down the slopes and across the sand while facing derision from preening yuppies, who glide by effortlessly with their hifalutin' stroller skis. No, comrade, now stroller skis are for everybody! Viva la revolucion!

Buy Safe Start Stroller Skis, originally $32.99, now an incredible $26.89 at Pallets Kid Surplus [thanks, Christy]

[update: What, they're out of stock? Oh well, revolution's over. Back to work, maggots. Meanwhile, the ruling class can always get the Chariot Cougar SX stroller, with the optional cross-country skiing harness for $950.]


You're joking about the derision, right? Oh, wait--your kid isn't a year old yet. I've been wishing I had stroller skis for a few years, ever since the first time I attempted to push a stroller down the streets of Manhattan in the slush. You'll be singing another tune come January, my friend--they're not for the slopes; they're for the streets.

I just wish someone else hadn't take my idea.

Heh. I would pay good money to see that, up to $32.99, even.

After about 10 seconds of Googling, I find the Kiwaski stroller skis are Austrian and are, indeed, useful for slush.

They're also available at One Step Ahead, BabyAbby and JCPenney, which I didn't even realize was still in business. Good for them.

Of course, they're only $29.95 everywhere, so that so-called revolution of savings at once over-promised and under-delivered. Stick with consumerist capitalism, folks, it's The American Way.

I think I'm going to order my stroller skis now. Thank you. And if you are interested in paying good money to see someone using them on the streets of Manhattan, I could arrange a little ski-by after the first snow this year. You can drop a wad of unmarked bills out your window down to me.

Hi All,

We have the stroller skis back in stock on our web site, we sell them for only $26.89.

Sorry they were out of stock, they have been really popular so far this year.

(your friendly customer service rep)

Ooh. Your move, Austria.

They're available in Canada now, too.
They're about $45 in Canadian dollars.

Your blog entry comes up as a sales page in Google's Froogle.

How well do these things really work at the beach?

Has anyone ever tried these? Do they actually work?

Hi all,

Glad to have found your blog....great stuff. Wanted to let you all know about Traveling With Kids - a website that makes traveling with kids easier, safer and more fun.

We also carry the Stroller Skis (26.99) as well as a lot of other great products you'll want to check out. Our goal is to find innovative products that can be used at home and on the road!

Anyway, thought I'd say hi and introduce you to our website


Can we still buy these safe start Stroller Skis?

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