November 13, 2004

All the items in Caitlin Flanagan's New Yorker story

For your shoppertainment, and for the poetry of it, here are all the furniture, gear, and "Must-Have!" what-nots mentioned by brand name in Caitlin Flanagan's New Yorker article, "Bringing Up Baby." Items previously on Daddy Types are marked with a "*". In order of appearance:

Baby Italia Natural Carlisle changing table
Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer
ExerSaucer Ultra
Lil' Dipper
Behr Premium Plus paint (color: "a soft pink called Hopeful")
Playshook Step Start Walk 'n Ride
LeapStart Learning Table
Floppy Seat restaurant high chair cover
Simmons Contourd Changing Pad ("good")
Sassy Deluxe Curved Back and Side Sleeper ("amazing")
Tiny Love Symphony Animal Mobile ("the less said...the better.")
Fisher-Price Baby Papasan infant seat
Baby Delight Deluxe Snuggle Nest
Diaper Genie*
Baby Einstein
TP Saver*
Graco Swingomatic (c. 1955)
Bebe Sounds sound-and-movement monitor
Boppy pillow
Evenflo Take Me Too! tandem stroller
Silver Cross Balmoral pram ("taken to" by "the 'hip-hop culture'")
Stokke Xplory stroller* (duh)
Bugaboo Frog stroller* (ditto)
Winnie the Pooh 4-in-1 Convertible Bassinet
I was going to link to them all, but Kate's parents already did.


Is one family supposed to own all these things? And WTF is a "Deluxe Curved Back and Side Sleeper"?

I still don't understand why people like that stupid Diaper Genie. The Diaper Champ is cheaper, easier to use, and doesn't take those stupid refills.

Did you not understand the point of that article in the New Yorker? I think you guys seriously missed Flanagan's tone if this is your response?

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