November 8, 2004

Q. How do you keep the table clean? A. Beats me.

ikea_placemat.jpgIn both our small apartments, instead of high chairs with attached trays, we've opted for models that slide up to the table.

Which is fine, except that the kid likes to spread her food--solid and otherwise--all over the table.

We started with a plastic sheet, then a thicker vinyl drawer liner, then a yoga mat, gradually increasing the heft and tack to keep her from pulling it all apart. Uh-uh.

Finally, we landed with this hard plastic Ikea placemat, which has raised edges and little gripper feet. It's similar to the MUMSA one pictured, but orange, with no footprints, and $2.99. In the kids' marketplace area.] That worked for about a week.

Do I have to get a staple gun or steal those little metal clips--and a red-checkered, felt-backed plastic tablecloth--from a greasy spoon diner?

Ineffectual MUMSA Ikea placemat, $4.99, works just as badly as the $2.99 one.

Related: Totally decent IKEA high chairs, including the best one, which they discontinued.
Can't find a vintage Stokke Kinderzeat? go ahead with a new one


Which of the slide-up chairs do you like?

we got the Stokke in one place, and then, because that blew the whole high chair wad, we got the IKEA Antelop? the $14 one, in the other. It averages out ok.

We use a Kiddopotamus Tiny Diner mat, which has a tray to catch food. We also use a bib with a pocket to catch food

These have been very helpful for the last nine months!

You know, we have a chair with a tray and if we let down our guard and put him within arm's reach of the table, we still end up with food smeared all over the table. The floor is of course a disaster zone.

Man, who's idea was this kid thing, anyway?

Call me crazy, or just call me cheap - but I'm thinking that Glad Press'n'Seal should work. Tear off a piece and seal it to the table top, then when dinner's done, peel it off. Voila, clean table. Mine are older than yours so I use it for play-doh but I'm thinking it will be just as good for food.

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