November 8, 2004

Coming this week: the 10 coolest, most expensive must haves for your kid

Just kidding.


Awww, you got me all excited in my Christmas shopping spree mentality. Guess it's power tools for the little one.

But how would this feature differ from the usual fare?

Hey D,

yes, I posted this as to poke fun at both myself and your comment about the too-NYC ritzy stroller (in Boulder, CO, but whatever).

While it's true I am a judgmental snob, it's also true that I'm a somewhat self-aware snob who's trying to innoculate my kid to some degree against kneejerk, pathological elitism and consumerism.

As for the usual fare, you've discovered my master plan: If I can seduce just 999,997 more readers to click on that food grinder, I'll make enough to pay for the kid's preschool tutor.

For the first time in weeks, I've pointed out three strollers you can't buy, but that's because I'm a stroller nerd. If you think comparing a $500 baby robe to Obiwan Kenobi is an endorsement, though, I can't help you.

In the mean time, if you have some suggestions or experiences you think would help make the site more useful, feel free to email. And if you have constructive comments, make those, too. And there's even a place for anonymous ad hominem bitching: it's called UrbanBaby.

Caitlin Flanagan, is that you?

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