November 3, 2004

Honda's 'Cool Dads' Truck Due Date: Spring 2005

honda_ridgeline_spyshot.jpgHonda is introducing its first mid-sized truck--a SUT, in fact--to the US market next spring, which will be based on the Pilot SUV platform. Dubbed the Ridgeline, the truck is designed to appeal to "Cool Dads," who like to "tear it up on weekends."

That's Honda's plan, anyway. The Element was originally meant to be a Gen-Y fantasy ride, but its anemic 4-cyl. engine and plasticky feel have given it "better than any golf cart" status among empty-nesters. Fortunately, the Ridgeline will have the Pilot's strong 3.5L V6 engine and AWD.

Official photos still show a strong resemblance to the original concept vehicle, especially along the lamps and grille. But spy photos from August show the Ridgeline will have a more conventional, less angular face. Like it's been botoxed. Because it's a ridge line, see, and... never mind.

Thanks, Jalopnik, for reading Autoweek so we don't have to.
The Car Connection has a bigger version of the spy shot above.
Honda enthusiasts [sic] message board with more spy shots, including one of a receding Ridgeline. [Thank you very much, I'll be here all week.]
Original post, 3/04: Honda Pickup For 'Cool Dads'

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Why are the guys eyes blacked out? Is this like the car version of porn or something?

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