October 28, 2004

The Kidco Food Grinder Is Better

firstyears_grinder.jpgGrammy the foodie bought us the First Years Food Grinder first, and well, it totally sucks. You want it to work because it looks like a little Cuisinart. Well, it doesn't and it's not. It has a million pieces, none of which is designed to actually mash or grind food; the only piece that's missing is a fork to finally mash the food up with as you--and the kid--both run out of patience.

Read a couple dozen bad reviews--and one delusionally euphoric one: "I just mash it after I grind it with a fork. [See?] Lets face it we are doing this to feed our Babies the absolute best food - so it takes a little effort - we're Moms." [Speak for yourself, sister.]--at Amazon, but don't buy it there because, um, they're not carrying it anymore.

Then we got the plunger/mill-style Kidco food grinder, which is like the one I remember grinding my little sister's food with back in the Reagan era. It works just fine, has only three pieces, so it's easy to clean and put together/away. And it holds just the right amount of food, about half a bag of McDonald's french fries. [What, you think she should have the whole bag?]

First Years Compact Food Grinder not at Amazon
Kidco Food Mill, With Tote [??], not at Amazon either, but at Baby Universe for $13.99. With tote.

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