October 28, 2004

Is There A Doctor In The House/Motel/Chalet?

A roundup of dad-related stories about needing to find a doctor pdq have some good advice of where to look:

  • At the JCC in Hamden, CT: In a recent interview with his hometown paper, Gary Greenberg, the author of Be Prepared: A Handbook for New Dads tells of taking a tumble off the stage during an appearance at the Jewish Commuity Center: "I started to do my act. But it wasn't going well. My foot felt squishy, and I saw a puddle near my foot. I had cut my shin open and was bleeding into my shoe! I didn't know what to do. I said, 'I'm bleeding. Is there a doctor?' Of course five people come up on the stage! And they tell me to lie down!"

  • About 50 miles south of your "chic motel [sic]": Brit-in-NY socialite and SILOAF Alice Sykes (think Plum, Lucy, Citibabes...) and husband were having a quiet weekend at The Roxbury in upstate New York, when her water broke. "...the proprietors called an ambulance, which transported the couple to the nearest hospital, about 50 miles southeast in Kingston, N.Y. 'They were like, "You have to call her Roxbury," and we were like, 'O.K.,'" [That's the British 'OK,' which means "Oh, Krikey! You and your publicist are crazy if you think we're naming our kid after a podunk motel." The kid's name is Scarlet.]

  • Anywhere in Switzerland, with just a few taps on your mobile phone: Gizmodo links to an announcement that Swisscom customers will soon be able to use textmessaging and location tracking to get the number of the nearest doctor--or midwife. [via Gizmodo, thanks Eric!]

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