October 24, 2004

Manomia Djellabah

manomia-djellabah.jpgManomia is small French company creates exquisite baby clothes using some of the highest quality fabrics and techniques around. Almost the only Google result for them is a blurb in Departures, the Amex Platinum Card Magazine. Meanwhile, Baby Chic 101 links to the only piece that turns up online, an awesome-looking silk tunic that goes for the hah-made-you-drop-your-fork price of $395.

Their stuff's so exclusive, their website only features two outfits, including the djellabah above, priced at...well, if you have to ask...

Coincidentally, "Manomia Djellabah," is Jawa for, "These are not the droids we're looking for."


Take another look - there's 10 outfits online - and I am IN LOVE with that yellow and green number!

why does that white cloak baby outfit
look like a KKK grand high wizard costume ??

My bad. The nav buttons were too faint to see on my laptop screen.

The upside, though, is that there's also a Han Solo outfit: Ensemble Nehru.

Thank goodness for neal's comment...I thought I'd become so sensitive (what with the upcoming election and all) that the fact that I was seeing a Junior Klan outfit had me running for the um, 'medicine' cabinet.

Well, presumably the French don't have these same cultural sensitivities. And it only looks that way because that mannequin baby ain't got no head!

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