October 21, 2004

I Like You, 2

I just finished my first issue of 2, The Magazine for Couples (in Canada), and I have to say, I liked it even before I got to the page where they gave Daddy Types a nice plug. Funny and informative. Did you know they call potato mashers potato ricers up there? And caller ID is caller display? Oh, and all the good spas? In Canada.

2 Magazine: the website for the magazine for couples


I was born in Ontario, lived in Montreal from 2 until 9, Ottawa from 9 until 12, Montreal from 12 until 17. traveled the US and Canada and lived in L.A. between 17 and 19, and then settled on the Left Coast in Vancouver from 19 until 29... and I've NEVER EVER heard of a "potato ricer."

Who are these potato ricing Canadians? :)

Actually, here in the States at least, a Potato Masher and a Potato Ricer are two very different tools. A good ricer is my secret for smooth & fluffy mashed 'taters.

born and raised in canada i've never heard of a potato ricer either. my first thought was a kit that would include a little wing, ground effects package, and a big ugly tailpipe to make it LOOK like the spud goes fast but actually doesn't do anything.

I am not canadian but am married to one. Never heard of a potatoe ricer in all my years in this country! Heard of it in Scotland though, so maybe its a newfie term(?)

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